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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
2 Input OR Gate 74HCT32M-SMD Harris
Temperature Sensor AD590JH Harris
Independent Diode Array CA3039 Harris
General Pur[ose Transistor Arry CA3046 Harris
Zero Crossing Detector CA3059 Harris
Triple Operational Amplifier CA3060E HAR
Operantional Amplifier CA3080 Harris
Operantional Amplifier CA3080E Harris
Bipolar Transistor Array CA3081 Harris
Bipolar Transistor Array CA3081E Harris
Bipolar Transistor Array CA3081F Harris
Bipolar Transistor Array CA3082 Harris
FM Radio receive Circuit 136442\CA3089E Harris
Operational Amplifier CA3130AT HAR
Operational Amplifier CA3130T Harris
Operational Amplifier CA3140AT HAR
Operational Amplifier CA3140E Harris
Operational Amplifier CA3140T Harris
Operational Amplifier CA3160E Harris
Decoder CA3161E Harris
Operational Amplifier CA3240AE Harris
Peripheral Driver 145083\CA3262E Harris
Operational Amplifier CA3280E Harris
10 Bit A/D Converter CA3310m96 Harris
CMOS Video Speed Flash ADC 8-Bit CA3318CE Harris
Monostable Multivibrator CD14538BE Harris
DTMF Receiver CD22204E Harris
12x8 Crosspoint Analog Switch CD22M3493Q Harris
16x8 Crosspoint Analog Switch 110665\CD22M3494E Harris
16x8 Crosspoint Analog Switch CD22M3494MQ Harris
8 Bit Binary Down Counter CD40103BE Texas Instruments
Dual 2 Input NAND Buffer CD40107BE Texas Instruments
Quad 2-Input NAND Gate CD4011BE Texas Instruments
Decade Counter CD4017BE Texas Instruments
8 Stage Static Shift Register CD4021BE Texas Instruments
Octal Counter CD4022BE Texas Instruments
Zener Diode CD4024 Texas Instruments
8 Channel Multiplexer CD4051BE HAR
4 Channel Multiplexer CD4052BE Texas Instruments
2 Channel Multiplexer CD4053BE HAR
14 Bit Binary Up Counter CD4060BCN Harris
14 Bit Binary Up Counter CD4060BE Harris
Quad Bilateral Switch CD4066BE Texas Instruments
2 Input NAND Gate CD4093BE Harris
8 Bit Latch CD4099BE Harris
7 Segment Dsiplay Driver CD4511BCN Fairchild
Latch Decoder Driver CD4511BE Texas Instruments
Programmable Timer CD4541BE Texas Instruments
Hex Inverter CD74HC04M Harris
8 Bit Multiplexer CD74HC4051E HAR
4 Bit Multiplexer CD74HC4052E Texas Instruments
3 Input OR Gate CD74HC4075M96 Harris
8 Bit Microprocessor CDP1802ACEX HAR
Microprocessor CDP1802ACQ Harris
10 Bit I/O Port CDP1851CE HAR
Address Decoder CDP1881CE HAR
Timer CP82C54 HAR
CPU System Clock Generator CP82C84A Harris
Bus Controller CP82C88 HAR
DMA Controller CS82C37A-12 Harris
Peripheral Interface 145297\CS82C55A Harris
Peripheral Interface CS82C55A-5 Harris
Interupt Controller CS82C59A Harris
PNP Bipolar Transistor D45VH10 Harris
Analog Switch DG211CJ HAR
Analog Switch DG212 HAR
Analog Switch DG303ACJ Harris
8 Bit Multiplexer DG408DY-T Harris
64 Cell Complex EEPLD EPM7064LC44-15 Harris
Op Amp HA7-5102-2 Harris
Operational Amplifier HA7-5127A-5 Harris
Operational Amplifier HA7-5170-2 Harris
Operational Amplifier HFA1100IP HAR
Voltage Follower HFA1113 Harris
8 Bit Multiplexer HI-1-0508A-2 Harris
8 Bit A/D Converter HI1175JCB-T HAR
Analog Switch HI1-5043-5 Harris
Analog Switch HI1-5046A-5 HAR
A/D Converter HI1-574AKD-5 Harris
SPST Analog Switch HI2-0200-5 Harris
SPST Analog Switch HI3-0200-5 HAR
12 Bit A/D Converter HI5812JIP HAR
24 Bit A/D Converter HI7191IB Harris
3 RCVR Transceiver HIN206CB Harris
4 RCVR Transceiver 256679\HIN208ECA Harris
5 RCVR Transceiver HIN213ECA Harris
2 RCVR Transceiver HIN232ECB Harris
5 RCVR Transceiver HIN239CB Harris
Peipheral Driver HIP0045AB Harris
Peipheral Driver HIP0082AS2 Harris
Power Distribution Controller HIP1016CB Harris
Motor Controller HIP4080AIB HAR
Motor Controller HIP4080AIP HAR
Current Mode SMPS Controller HIP5020DB HAR
Voltage Mode SMPS Controller HIP6004BCB HAR
Voltage Mode SMPS Controller HIP6004BCB-T HAR
Voltage Mode SMPS Controller HIP6008CB-T Harris
Multiple Linear Power Controller HIP6503CB HAR
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