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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
Qualcom MSM5100-208FBGA Qualcom
Qualcomm MSM6500CP-V9050-2TR Qualcomm
Qualcomm MSM6100CP-V4400 Qualcomm
Qualcomm MSM-8655-0-904PNSP-TR-04-1-AB Qualcomm
Qualcomm PM8028-0-136NSP-TR-B4 Qualcomm
Snapdragon 820 Processor MSM8996 Qualcomm
Qualcomm Centriq 2400 Processor QDF2444 002-AC Qualcomm
Qualcomm MSM8255-0-904NSP-TR-04-1-AB Qualcomm
Qualcomm BTS-4025-0-36WLCSP-SR Qualcomm
Qualcomm MDM-9200-0-504CSP-TR-02 Qualcomm
Mobile Communication Chipset MSM6250 Qualcomm
Mobile Processor 1Ghz MSM7227A-0-AA Qualcomm
Mobile Communication Chipset MDM6600 Qualcomm
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