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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
VRAM 256Kx16 TSOP MSM54V16283-60TS-K OKI / 00+
VRAM 256Kx16-6 UPD482444GW-60 NEC
VRAM 256Kx8-7 SOJ HM538253BJ-7 Hitachi
VRAM 256Kx8-8 SOJ HM538253BJ-8 Hitach
VRAM 256Kx8-60 SOJ MSM548262-70J3DR1 OKI
VRAM 256Kx8-7 TSOP HM538253BTT-7 Hitachi
VRAM 256Kx8-7 TSOP HM538253BTT-6 Hitachi
VRAM 256Kx8-7 TSOP HM538253BTT-7Z Hitachi
VRAM 256Kx8-60 TSOP MSM548262-60TS-K OKI
VRAM 256Kx4-8 ZIP KM424C257Z-8 Samsung
VRAM 256Kx4-8 ZIP KM424C257Z-6 Samsung
VRAM 256Kx16, 4M, EDO, 2CAS KM4216C258G-50 Samsung
VRAM 256Kx4-70 ZIP M5M442256AL-10 Mitsubishi
VRAM 256Kx4-70 ZIP MSM514262-70ZS OKI
VRAM 256Kx4-8 ZIP HM534251BZ-8 Hitachi
VRAM 256Kx4-8 SOJ HM534251BJ-8 Hitachi
VRAM 256Kx8-70 5V TSOP M5M482256TP-7 Mitsubishi
VRAM 256Kx8-70 5V SOJ M5M482257J-7 Mitsubishi
VRAM 256Kx4-70 SOJ MSM514262-70JS OKI
VRAM 256Kx4-8 MSM5V16160F-8TSK OKI
VRAM 256Kx8-7 SOJ HM538253BJ-60 Hitachi
VRAM 128Kx8-7 SOJ HM538123BJ-7 Hitachi
VRAM 128Kx8-8 SOJ 5V HM538123BJ-8 Hitachi
V-RAM 128Kx8-70 SOJ 12867\MSM518122-70JS OKI
V-RAM 128Kx8-80 SOJ MSM518122-80JS OKI
VRAM 64Kx4-10 DIP HM53461P-10 Hitachi
VRAM 64Kx4-10 ZIP HM53461ZP-10 Hitachi
VRAM HM534253BJ-6 Hitachi
VRAM 64Kx4-15 DIP HM53461ZP-15 Hitachi
Toshiba TC528257J-70 Toshiba
V-RAM 256Kx16 SSOP MSM5416283-60GS-K OKI
VRAM 256Kx16 TSOP MSM54V16283-60GS-K OKI
VRAM 256Kx16 KM4216C2586-60 Samsung
VRAM 256Kx16 KM4216C258G-60 Samsung
NVRAM M41ST87WSS6F ST Microelectronics
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