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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
Digital Signal Processor D6571E11BQC Dallas
Silicon Delay Line DS1000H-75 Dallas
Silicon Delay Line DS1000K-100 Dallas
Digital Thermometer and Thermostat DS1621S+ Dallas
1024 bit EEPROM chip DS2431P-A1+ Dallas
Real-Time Clocks 658484\DS12C887+ Dallas
Real-Time Clock DS12C887+ Dallas
Trickle-Charge Timekeeping Chip DS1302Z+T&R Dallas
Silicon Delay Line DS1000M-200 DALLAS
Trickle-Charge Timekeeping Chip DS1302ZN+T
Silicon Delay Line DS1000M-35 Dallas
Silicon Delay Line DS1000S-100-T1 Dallas
Silicon Delay Line DS1000Z-25 Dallas
Silicon Delay Line DS1000Z-250 DALLAS
Silicon Delay Line DS1004Z-5/T Dallas
Silicon Delay Line DS1010S-50 Dallas
Silicon Delay Line DS1021S-25 Dallas
Econ Oscillator / Divider DS1075Z-60N Dallas
3-Volt 5-Tap Timing Element DS1100LZ-25 Dallas
5-Tap Timie Delay Device DS1100Z-200 Dallas
5-Tap Timing Delay Device DS1100Z-25 Dallas
5-Tap Timing Delay Device DS1100Z-50 Dallas
Electronic Protective Circuit DS1204V Dallas
Nonvolatile Controller DS1210 Dallas
Nonvolatile Controller DS1210S Dallas
SmartSocket 16k/64k DS1213D Dallas
SmartWatch RAM DS1216B Dallas
SmartWatch RAM DS1216C Dallas
SmartWatch RAM DS1216D Dallas
SmartWatch ROM DS1216E Dallas
SmartWatch ROM DS1216H Dallas
Nonvolatile Controller DS1218 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 16k DS1220Y-100 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 16k DS1220Y-120 DALLAS
Nonvolatile SRAM 16k DS1220Y-150 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 16k DS1220Y-200 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 16k DS1220Y200IND Dallas
Nonvolatile Controller x 4 Chip DS1221S Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 64k DS1225AD-150 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 64k DS1225AD-200 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 64k DS1225AD-85 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 64k DS1225Y-150 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 256k DS1230AB-120 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 256k DS1230Y100 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 256k DS1230Y-120 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 256k DS1230Y-150 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 256k DS1230Y-85 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 256K DS1230YP-70 Dallas
Power Monitor DS1231 Dallas
Power Monitor DS1231-20 Dallas
Power Monitor DS1231-35 Dallas
Power Monitor DS1231-50 Dallas
MicroMonitor Chip DS1232+ Dallas
MicroMonitor Chip DS1232L Dallas
Micro Monitor Chip DS1232LP+ Dallas
Micro Monitor Chip DS1232LP-2 Dallas
Micro Monitor Chip DS1232LPS Dallas
Micro Monitor Chip DS1232LPS-2+ Dallas
Micro Monitor Chip DS1232LPSN-2 Dallas
Micro Monitor Chip DS1232N Dallas
MicroMonitor Chip DS1232S Dallas
Micro Monitor Chip DS1232SN Dallas
Micro Monitor Chip DS1232S-TRL Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233-15 DALLAS
EcoNOReset DS1233-5 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233A-010 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233A-10 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233AZ-10 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233AZ-15 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233-D10 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233D-5 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233DZ-10 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233DZ-5 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233DZ-15 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233MS-55 Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233Z-10+ Dallas
EcoNOReset DS1233Z-5 Dallas
MicroManager Chip DS1236S-10 DALLAS
MicroManager Chip DS1236S-5 DALLAS
Nonvolatile SRAM 64k DS1243Y-120 Dallas
SRAM with Phantom Clock DS1244Y-120 Dallas
SRAM with Phantom Clock DS1244Y-70 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM DS1245AB-100 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM DS1245Y-100 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM DS1245Y-120 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM DS1245Y-70 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM DS1245Y-70IND Dallas
NV SRAM with Phantom Clock DS1248Y-100IND Dallas
NV SRAM with Phantom Clock DS1248Y-200 Dallas
4096k NV SRAM DS1250Y-100 DALLAS
Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip DS1267-010 Dallas
Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip DS1267-050 Dallas
Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip DS1267-100 Dallas
Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip DS1267E-100 Dallas
Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip DS1267S-010 Dallas
Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip DS1267S-100+ Dallas
Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip DS1267S-050 Dallas
Nonvolatile SRAM 16M DS1270Y-70 Dallas
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