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Pentium Dual-core Tray 2x1M cache LGA775
Pentium Processor E6300 2.8G LGA775 542206\1066MHz\2M\cache Intel Tray
Pentium Processor E2220 2.40GHz LGA775 644804\800MHz\1MB\Cache Intel Tray
Pentium Processor E2210 2.20GHz LGA775 649957\800MHz\1MB\Cache Intel Tray
Pentium Processor E2200 2.20GHz LGA775 644002\800MHz\1MB\Cache Intel Tray
Pentium Dual-Core E2180 2.0G LGA775 642525\800MHz\1M\cache Intel Tray
PD 820 2.8GHz (LGA775) 259644\800Mhz\2x1M\Cache Intel Tray
PD 805 2.66GHz (LGA775) 540272\533Mhz\2x1M\Cache Intel Tray
Pentium Processor E6700 3.20GHz LGA775 654363\1066MHz\2M\Cache Intel Tray
PD 830 3.0GHz (LGA775) 259353\800Mhz\2x1M\Cache Intel Tray
PD 840 3.2GHz (LGA775) 268314\800Mhz\2x1M\Cache Intel Tray
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