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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
Optocoupler 1CH 1MBS 8-SMD HCPL-4503-500E Avago
Optocoupler HCPL-061N-500E Avago
Switch PEX8717-CA80BC Avago
Amplifier MGA-82563-TR1G Avago
Power Amplifier (for iPhone) ACPM-7181 Avago
High Performance Link Receiver HFBR-2521Z Avago
High Performance Link Transmitter HFBR-1521Z Avago
Avago HFBR-2522Z Avago
Avago HFBR-1522Z Avago
2.0A IGBT Gate Drive,850pcs/box HCPL-316J-500E Avago Technologies
Transceiver AFBR-5715APZ Avago
Transceiver AFCT-5705APZ Avago
IC Connector B10B-ZR-SM4-TFT JST
LED Display HDSP-7503 Avago
Switch PEX8648-BB50RBCG Avago
Switch PEX8724-CA80BCG Avago / Broadcom
Switch PEX8747-CA80FBCG PLX / Broadcom
Switch PEX8796-AB80BIG Avago / Broadcom
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