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Celeron Dual-core Tray LGA1156
Celeron Dual-Core G555 5GT/s H2 662522\2700MHz\512K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron Dual-Core G1830 2.8G FCLGA1150 667609\21.3\GB/s\2MB\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron Processor G1840 2M Cache, 2.80 GHz 2 Cores FCLGA1150 Haswell CM8064601483439 Intel Tray
Celeron Dual-Core G1820TE 2.2G FCLGA1150 CM8064601618705 Intel Tray
Celeron Processor G1820 2M Cache, 2.70 GHz 2 Cores FCLGA1150 Haswell CM8064601483405 Intel Tray
Celeron Dual-Core G1850 2.9GHz FCLGA1150 680366\21.3\GB/s\2MB\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron Dual-Core G1840 2.8G FCLGA1150 Tray with Cooling Fan part#: E97379-003 G1840 Intel Tray
Celeron Processor G4900 2M Cache, 3.10 GHz 2 Cores FCLGA1151 Coffee Lake CM8068403378112 Intel Tray
Celeron Dual-Core G1820T (2M Cache, 2.40 GHz) 673640\5GT/s\2MB\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron Processor G4930 3.2GHz FCLGA1151 Coffee Lake CM8068403378114 Intel Tray
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