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Celeron Tray 256K Cache LGA775 64 bit
Celeron D 360 3.46GHz (64 bit LGA775) 600420\533MHz\512K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron D 356 3.33GHz (64 bit LGA775) 542205\533MHz\512K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron D 352 3.2GHz (64 bit LGA775) 542204\533MHz\512K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron D 351 3.2GHz (64 bit LGA775) 259485\533MHz\256K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron D 346 3.06GHz (64 bit LGA775) 269062\533MHz\256K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron D 341 2.93GHz (64bit LGA775) 270124\533MHz\256K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron D 336 2.8GHz (64 bit LGA775) 259484\533MHz\256K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron D 331 2.66GHz (64 bit LGA775) 259483\533MHz\256K\Cache Intel Tray
Celeron D 326 2.53GHz (64 bit LGA775) 264450\533MHz\256K\Cache Intel Tray
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