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Graphic DDR
GDDR5 64Mx32 2.0GHz H5GQ2H24MFR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 64Mx32 2.0GHz H5GQ2H24MFR-T0C Hynix
GDDR5 128Mx16 H5TG2G63BFR-12CR Hynix
GDDR5 128Mx16 H5TG2G63BFR-11CR Hynix
GDDR5 64Mx32 2.0GHz H5GQ2H24MFR-R0C Hynix
GDDR5 64Mx32 2.0GHz H5GQ2H24AFR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 64Mx32 2.0GHz H5GQ2H24BFR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 64Mx32 2.0GHz H5GC2H24BFR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 128Mx32 7.0Gbps H5GQ4H24MFR-R2CR Hynix
GDDR5X 256Mx32 MT58K256M32JA-100:A Micron
GDDR5 64Mx32 H5GC2H24MFR-T0C Hynix
GDDR5X 256Mx32 MT58K256M321JA-100:A Micron
GDDR5X 256Mx32 MT58K256M321JA-110:A Micron
GDDR5 SGRAM 256Mx32 MT51J256M32HF-60:A Micron
GDDR5 SGRAM 256Mx32 MT51J256M32HF-80:A Micron
GDDR5 SGRAM 256Mx32 MT51J256M32HF-60:B Micron
GDDR5 8Gb 256x32 7Gb/s D9SXD FBGA 170ball MT51J256M32HF-70:A Micron
GDDR5 8Gb 256x32 7Gb/s D9SXD FBGA 170ball MT51J256M32HF-70:B Micron
GDDR5 SGRAM 256Mx32 MT51J256M32HF-80:B Micron
GDDR5 256Mx32 H5GC8H24AJR-R2C Hynix
GDDR5 256Mx32 K4G80325FB-HC25 Samsung
GDDR5 256Mx32 K4G80325FC-HC25 Samsung
GDDR5 256Mx32 K4G80325FB-HC28 Samsung
GDDR5 256Mx32 H5GC8H24MJR-R0C Hynix
GDDR5 256Mx32 H5GC8H24MJR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 256Mx32 H5GC8H24AJR-R0C Hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 4.0 Gbps K4Z80325BC-HC14 Samsung
GDDR5 128Mx32 K4G41325FE-HC28 Samsung
GDDR6 4.0 Gbps K4Z80325BC-HC16 Samsung
GDDR6 512Mx32 14.Gbps K4ZAF325BM-HC14 Samsung
GDDR5 4Gb 128Mx32 parallel EDW4032CABG-50-N-F-D micron
GDDR5 128Mx32 EDW4032BABG-60-F Micron
GDDR5 128Mx32 EDW4032BABG-50-F Micron
GDDR5 128Mx32 EDW4032BABG-70-F Micron
GDDR5 128Mx32 EDW4032CABG-50-N-F Micron
GDDR5 128Mx32 EDW4032BABG-70-F-D Micron
GDDR5 128Mx32 K4G41325FE-HC25 Samsung
GDDR5 128Mx32 K4G41325FE-HC22 Samsung
GDDR5 128Mx32 6.0Gbps FBGA (170ball) 1.35V H5GC4H24MFR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 128Mx32 H5GC4H24AJR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 128Mx32 6.0Gbps FBGA (170ball) 1.35V H5GC4H24AFR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 128Mx32 7.0Gbps H5GC4H24AJR-R0C Hynix
GDDR5 128Mx32 8.0Gbps H5GQ4H24AJR-R4C Hynix
GDDR5 32Mx32 0.5 lead free, halogen free K4G10325FE-HC05 Samsung
GDDR5 32Mx32 4.0Gbps H5GQ1H24BFR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 256Mx32 K4G80325FB-HC03 Samsung
GDDR5 32Mx32 4.0Gbps H5GQ1H24BFR-T0C Hynix
GDDR5 32Mx32 0.5 lead free, halogen free K4G10325FG-HC05 Samsung
GDDR5 256Mx32 K4G80325FB-HC22 Samsung
GDDR5 32Mx32 1.4 lead free, halogen-free K4G10324KE-HC14 Samsung
GDDR5 32Mx32 4.0Gbps H5GQ1H24AFR-T2C Hynix
GDDR5 32Mx32 4.0Gbps H5GQ1H24AFR-T0C Hynix
GDDR5 32Mx32 4.0Gbps H5GQ1H24AFR-T2L Hynix
GDDR5 32Mx32 4.0Gbps H5GQ1H24MFR-T0C Hynix
GDDR5 32Mx32 1250Mhz P-TFBGA IDGV1G-05A1F1C-55X Qimonda
GDDR5 16Mx32 1250Mhz P-TFBGA IDGV51-05A1F1C-40X Qimonda
GDDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 668108\W632GG6KB-12 Winbond
GDDR3 128Mx16 PC2000 MT41J128M16JT-093G:K Micron
GDDR3 128Mx16 800MHz K4W2G1646C-HC12 Samsung
GDDR3 128Mx16 800MHz K4W2G1646S-BC12 Samsung
GDDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 W632GG6MB-12I Winbond
GDDR3 128Mx16 K4W2G1646C-HC11 Samsung
GDDR3 128Mx16 K4W2G1646T-BC11 Samsung
GDDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 H5TQ2G63EFR-PBC Hynix
GDDR3 256Mx16 K4W4G1646B-HC11 Samsung
GDDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 H5TQ2G63DFR-PBI Hynix
GDDR3 256Mx16 K4W4G1646B-HC1A Samsung
GDDR3 256Mx16 MT41J256M16LY-091G:N Micron
GDDR3 256Mx16 K4W4G1646D-BC1A Samsung
GDDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 H5TQ2G63DFR-PBL Hynix
GDDR3 64Mx16 800MHz MT41J64M16LA-25:B Micron
GDDR3 64Mx16 800MHz W631GG61B-12 Winbond
GDDR3 256Mx16 K4W4G1646E-BC1A Samsung
GDDR3 256Mx16 K4W4G1646E-BC1B Samsung
GDDR5 256Mx32 MT51K256M32HF-70:A Micron
GDDR5 256Mx32 MT51K256M32HF-70:B Micron
GDDR3 64Mx16 800MHz K4W1G1646D-EC12 Samsung
GDDR3 64Mx16 800MHz H5TQ1G63BFR-12C-C Hynix
GDDR5 256Mx32 MT51K256M32HF-50 N:A Micron
GDDR5 256Mx32 MT51K256M32HF-60 N:B Micron
GDDR3 64Mx16 K4W1G1646E-HC11 Samsung
GDDR3 64Mx16 K4W1G1646E-HC12 Samsung
GDDR3 64Mx16 K4W1G1646E-BC11 Samsung
GDDR3 64Mx16 K4W1G1646E-HC15 Samsung
GDDR3 64Mx16 800MHz H5TQ1G63DFR-12C Hynix
GDDR3 64Mx16 900MHz H5TQ1G63DFR-11C Hynix
GDDR3 64Mx16 900MHz H5TQ1G63FFR-11C Hynix
GDDR3 64Mx16 900MHz H5TQ1G63BFR-11C Hynix
GDDR3 64Mx16 900MHz H5TQ1G63EFR-11C Hynix
GDDR3 32Mx32 700Mhz 1.8v HYB18H1G321AF-14 Qimonda
GDDR3 32Mx32 900Mhz 1.8v HYB18H1G321AF-11 Qimonda
GDDR3 32Mx32 FBGA H5RS1H23MFR-N2C Hynix
GDDR3 32Mx32 FBGA H5RS1H23MFR-N3C Hynix
GDDR3 32Mx32 EDW1032BABG-50-F Elpida
GDDR3 32Mx32 EDW1032BBBG-50-F Elpida
GDDR3 32Mx32 EDW1032BABG-40-F Elpida
GDDR3 32Mx32 Speed 1.8v HYB18H1G321AF-10 Qimonda
GDDR3 32Mx32 1GBit FBGA144 K4J10324KE-HC12 Samsung
GDDR3 32Mx32 H5RS1H23MFR-11C Hynix
GDDR3 32Mx32 H5RS1H23MFR-14C Hynix
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