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Solid State Disk (SSD) EDSFF(E1.S/L)
15.36TB SSD E1.L D5-P4326 NVMe PCIe SSDPEWNV153T801 Intel
15.36TB SSD E1.L D5-P4326 NVMe PCIe SSDPEWNV153T810 Intel
15.36TB SSD E1.L DC P4510 NVMe PCIe SSDPEWKX153T801 Intel
4TB SSD E1.S DC P4511 NVMe PCIe SSDPEYKX040T801 Intel
15.36TB SSD E1.L PE8111 PCIe HFS15T3DGLX070N SK hynix
15.36TB SSD E1.L PE8111 PCIe HFS15T3DGMX070N SK hynix
7.68TB SSD E1.S PE8110 PCIe4x4 HFS7T6GEEWX091N SK hynix
3.84TB SSD E1.S PE8110 PCIe4x4 HFS3T8GEEWX091N SK hynix
1.92TB SSD E1.S PE8110 PCIe4x4 HFS1T9GEEWX091N SK hynix
30.72TB SSD E1.L DC D5-P5316 NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4 SSDPFWNV307TZN1 Intel
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