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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
LPDDR3-1600 1.25ns 253 FBGA (8Gb) K3QF1F10EM-AGCE Samsung
LPDDR3 2GB SU512M32V01MD2LPF-107BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1866 x32 (24Gb) H9CKNNNDATMUQR-NUH SK hynix
LPDDR3-1600 128Mx32 (4Gb) K4E4E324EE-EGCE Samsung
LPDDR3-1600 (16Gb) EDFA164A1PB-GD-F Elpida
LPDDR3 (16Gb) EDFA164A2PH-1D-F Elpida
LPDDR3-1600 (16Gb) EDFA164A1MA-GD-F Elpida
LPDDR3-1600 (16Gb) EDFA164A1PF-GD-F Elpida
LPDDR3-1600 128Mx32 (4Gb) NT6CL128M32BQ-H2 Nanya
LPDDR3-1600 256Mx32 (8Gb) NT6CL256T32BQ-H2 Nanya
LPDDR3-1866 x32 (8Gb) H9CKNNN8KTMRKR-NTM SK hynix
LPDDR3-1866 x32 (8Gb) H9CKNNN8KTMRWR-NTH SK hynix
LPDDR3-1600 512Mx32 (16Gb) VFBGA QDP EDFA232A2PD-GD-F Elpida
LPDDR3-1600 x32 (8Gb) H9CCNNN8KTMLBR-NTM SK hynix
LPDDR3-1866 512Mx32 QDP (16Gb) EDFA232A2MA-JD-F-R Micron
LPDDR3-1600 512Mx32 (16Gb) VFBGA EDFA232A2MA-GD-F-D Micron
LPDDR3-1866 1GX32 (32Gb) EDFB232A1MA-JD-F-R Micron
LPDDR3-1866 1Gx32 (32Gb) MT52L1G32D4PG-107 WT Micron
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx32 (8Gb) FBGA DDP EDF8132A3MA-JD-F Micron
LPDDR3-1866 (64Gb) K3QFAFA0CM-AGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 128Mx32 K4E4E324EE-EGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx64 (16Gb) EDFA164A2PM-JD-F Micron
LPDDR3-1866 384Mx64 (24Gb) EDFP164A3PB-JD-F-D Micron
LPDDR3-1866 1Gx64 (64Gb) MT52L1G64D8QC-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1866 16G K3QF3F30BM-FGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 16G K3QF3F30BM-BGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 16G K3QF3F30BM-QGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1600 512Mx32 SM512M322E0FD4LH5-125FT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1866 1Gx32 (32Gb) MT52L1G32D4PG-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1866 16G K3QF3F30BM-AGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1600 384Mx64 SM384M64JD48D4LPE-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3 768Mx32 SM768M32V01MD3LPU-107BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1600 1Gx32 SM1G32V91MD4LMZ-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3 256Mx64 SM256M642E0FD4LPE-BU SpecTek
LPDDR3 1Gx32 SU1G32V01MD4LPG-107BT SpecTek
LPDDR3 8G SU256M32V01MD1LPF-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3 1Gx32 SM1G32V01MD4LPG-107BT SpecTek
LPDDR3 256Mx32 SU256M32V01MD1LPF-SS SpecTek
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx64 (16Gb) EDFA164A2PF-JD-F Micron
LPDDR3-1600 1Gx32 (32Gb) EDFB232A1MA-GD-F Micron
LPDDR3 4Gx32 178FBGA K4E4E324EB Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 16G x64bit 216FBGA K3QF2F20EM-QGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 1Gx32 (32Gb) EDFB232A1MA-JD-F Micron
LPDDR3-1600 256Mx64 (16Gb) 256balls EDFA164A2PF-GD-F Micron
LPDDR3-1600 256Mx64 (16Gb) EDFA164A2MA-GD-F-D Micron
LPDDR3-1866 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT52L512M32D2PF-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1866 384Mx64 (24Gb) EDFP164A3PD-JD-F Micron
LPDDR3-2133 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT52L512M32D2PF-093 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1866 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT52L512M32D2PU-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1600 512Mx32 (16Gb) EDFA232A2MA-GD-F Micron
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx64 (16Gb) MT52L256M64D2GN-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1600 512Mx32 SM512M322E0FD4LHL-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT52L256M32D1PF-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-2133 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT52L256M32D1PF-093 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3 256Mx32 SM512M32V01MD2LPF-107BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1600 256Mx64 SM256M642E0FD4LPE-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1600 512Mx64 (32Gb) SM512M64V91MD4LJU-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3 256Mx32 SS256M32V01MD1LPF-107BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1600 384Mx64 SM384M64V9AMD4LPE-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3 4G 1CHx32 K4E4E324EE-AGCE Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 16Gx64 K3QF2F20EM-AGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 x32 (24Gb) K4EHE304EA-AGCF Samsung
16Gb 512Mx32 LPDDR3 253 balls K3QF2F20DM-AGCE Samsung
LPDDR3 256Mx64 SM256M642E0FD4LPE-107FT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1866 3Gx32 216FBGA K3QF6F60MM-QGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1600 256Mx64 SM256M64V91MD2LC2-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1866 3G K3QF6F60MM-QGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 3Gx32 K3QF6F60MM-FGCF Samsung
LPDDR3 3Gx32 K3QF6F60MM-JGCE Samsung
LPDDR3-1600 128Mx128 (16Gb) EDFA112A2PF-GD-F Micron
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx64 (16Gb) EDFA164A2MA-JD-F-D Micron
LPDDR3-1866 3Gx32 K3QF6F60AM-FGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 3Gx32 256BALLS K3QF6F60AM-QGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 512Mx64 (32Gb) MT52L512M64D4PQ-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1866 512Mx64 (32Gb) MT52L512M64D4GN-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3 3Gx32 216BALLS K3QF6F60MM-QGCE Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx64 (16Gb) MT52L256M64D2PD-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1866 384Mx64 (24Gb) EDFP164A1PB-JD-F Micron
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx64 (16Gb) MT52L256M64D2LZ-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1866 256Mx64 (16Gb) MT52L256M64D2PP-107 WT:B Micron
LPDDR3-1066 8Gb(2CH x32/ch) 216FBGA K3QF1F100G-XGCE Samsung
LPDDR3 8Gb (128Mx32 128Mx32)x64 256 FBGA K3QF1F10EM-FGCE000 Samsung
LPDDR3-1600 384Mx32 SM384M322E0FD3LH4-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1866 x32 (16Gb) H9CKNNNBPTATDR-NTHR SK hynix
LPDDR3-1866 x32 (12Gb) H9CKNNNAETAPLR-NUH SKhynix
LPDDR3-1600 256Mx64 SM256M642C0FD4LGL-125BT SpecTek
LPDDR3-1866 8Gb (128Mx32 128Mx32)x64 256 FBGA K3QF1F10EM-FGCF Samsung
LPDDR3-1600 8Gb 2CHx32 K3QF1F10EM-VGCE Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gx64 K3QF2F20EM-AGCE Samsung
LPDDR3-1600 8Gb 2CHx32 K3QF1F10EM-YGCE Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gx64 K3QF2F20EM-FGCE Samsung
LPDDR3 8Gb (128Mx32+128Mx32)x64 253 FBGA K3QF1F10DM-AGCE000 Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 (16Gb) K3QF2F20EM-FGCF Samsung
LPDDR3 8Gb K3QF1F10DM-BGCE Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gx64 K3QF2F20EM-DGCE Samsung
LPDDR3-1866 8Gb K3QF1F10DM-AGCF Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gx64 K3QF2F20DM-BGCE Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gx64 253FBGA K3QF2F200A Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gx64 K3QF2F20DM-CGCB Samsung
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