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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
GDDR6 16Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-HC16 Samsung
GDDR6 16Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC16 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-HC14 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-14:B Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-14C:B Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC14 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-14:A Micron
GDDR6 12Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-12:A Micron
GDDR6 256Mx32 7GHz (8Gb) H56C8H24AIR-S2C SK hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-19G:T Micron
GDDR6 512Mx32 7GHz (16Gb) H56CBM24MIR-S2C SK hynix
GDDR6 256Mx32 7GHz (8Gb) H56C8H24AIR-S2CR SK hynix
GDDR6 21Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-21:T Micron
GDDR6 19Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-19:T Micron
GDDR6 12Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) Ind MT61M256M32JE-12N IT:A Micron
GDDR6 12Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61M256M32JE-12N:A Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC12 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-SC14 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC14 Samsung
GDDR6 18Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BM-HC18 Samsung
GDDR6 16Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC16 Samsung
GDDR6 20Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC20 Samsung
GDDR6 24Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) K4ZAF325BC-SC24 Samsung
GDDR6 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-16:C Micron
GDDR6 21Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT61K256M32JE-21G:T Micron
GDDR6 14Gb/s 512Mx32 (16Gb) MT61K512M32KPA-14:C Micron
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