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Modules- Others
2G DDR2-667 RDIMM NVD257R21206F-D53MSC Netlist
kingston KTH-XW4400C6/1G Kingston
512MB DDR-2700 DIMM () 100 pin MT8VDDT12832UY-6F1 Micron
DDR-3200 128MX64 /200MHz TS128MSD64V4A Transcend
2GB DDR-2100 DIMM ECC 266MHz TS2GHP8088 Transcend
Plastic Case for SODIMM SO-Dimm case OEM
Plastic Case for CPU CPU case OEM
512M Flash Module TS512MPTM820 Transcend
1G Flash Module TS1GPTM820 Transcend
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC Reg Mini-DIMM (512MB) VLP MT9HVF6472PKY-667F1 Micron [64Mx8, 9C]
DDR4 4GB Industrial SO-DIMM 75.B93GJ.G010B Apacer
Integrated RAID Module PCI-E x8 cena RMS3CC080 Intel
Bluetooth Modules - 802.15.1 BGX13PBluetooth Xpress module zero-programming bluetooth 5 solution BGX13P22GA-V31R Silicon
Combo Wireless Modules SDC-SSD40NBT Laird
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