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72pins SIMM EDO 5V
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 106594_64MB_8Mx8_8C_Gold Hyundai(LGS)
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 106595_64MB_8Mx8_8C_Tin Hyundai(LGS)
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 9049_64MB_8Mx8_8C_Tin Hyundai/LGS
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 7716_64MB_16Mx4_8C_Gold Hyundai/LGS
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-60 42898_64MB_8Mx8_8C_Tin Hyundai(LGS)
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-60 18380_64MB_16Mx4_8C_3.3v OEM SpecTek
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 2990_32MB_4Mx16_4C_Tin NEC
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 12006_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Tin SK hynix(LGS)
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-50 12548_32MB_4Mx16_4C_Tin SK hynix(LGS)
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 15474_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Gold SK hynix (LG)
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 2949_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Gold Hyundai/LGS
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 2958_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Gold Hyundai(LGS)
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-50 2947_32MB_4Mx16_4C_Gold Hyundai(LGS)
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-50 22033_32MB_4Mx16_4C_Tin Hyundai/LGS
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 9189_32MB_4Mx16_4C_Gold Hyundai/LGS
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 12885_32MB_4Mx16_4C_Tin Hyundai(LGS)
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-50 116643_32MB_4Mx16_4C_Tin Micron
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 2952_32MB_4Mx4_16C Micron
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 2961_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Gold Nanya
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 107796_32MB_4Mx4_16C_Tin OKI
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 10125_64MB_16Mx4_8C_Tin NEC
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 113189_32MB_4Mx16_4C_Tin Samsung
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-60 2940_64MB_16Mx4_8C_Tin NEC, 3.3v
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 7858_16MB_4Mx4_8C Hitachi
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 9188_16MB_4Mx16_2C_Tin SK hynix(LG)
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 13687_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Gold SK hynix(LGS)
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 14505_64MB_16Mx4_8C_Tin Hitachi set to 60ns
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 11772_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Tin SK hynix(LGS)
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 GMM7324110CNS-6 Hyundai
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 2988_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Tin Hyundai/LGS
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 32815_16MB_4Mx16_2C_Gold Hyundai(LGS)
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 2980_16MB_4Mx16_2C_Tin Hyundai(LGS)
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 2970_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Gold Hyundai(LG)
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 2943_64MB_16Mx4_8C_Gold Hitachi
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-60 24014_64MB_16Mx4_8C_Gold Hitachi
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 21466_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Gold OKI
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 2977_16MB_4Mx4_8C_Gold Nanya
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-60 2944_64MB_16Mx4_8C_Tin Hitachi
EDO SIMM 4Mx32-60 2979_16MB_4Mx4_8C Samsung
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 15039_64MB_16Mx4_8C_Tin Hitachi
EDO SIMM 2Mx32-60 3.3V w/diode 18527_8MB_1Mx16_4C_Tin Hitachi
EDO SIMM 2Mx32-60 3002_8MB_1Mx16_4C_Tin SK hynix
EDO SIMM 2Mx32-60 10077_8MB_1Mx16_4C_Gold SK hynix
EDO SIMM 2Mx32-60 12932_8M_1Mx16_4C Hyundai
EDO SIMM 2Mx32-60 3001_8MB_1Mx16_4C_Tin Goldstar
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-50 13805_64MB_8Mx8_8C_Gold SK hynix[Hyundai]
EDO SIMM 1Mx32-60 7518_4MB_1Mx16_2C_Tin SK hynix
EDO SIMM 1Mx32-60 40004_4MB_1Mx16_2C SK hynix
EDO SIMM 1Mx32-60 3009_4MB_1Mx16_2C_GOLD Hyundai
EDO SIMM 1Mx32-60 3012_4MB_1Mx16_2C_Tin Hyundai
EDO SIMM 16Mx32-60 8840_64MB_8Mx8_8C SK hynix(LGS)
EDO SIMM 8Mx32-60 5V M53230804CY0-C60 Samsung
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