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OneNand (Flash+SRAM)
2GB OneNAND 128Mx16 1.8v (Mux) 83MHz KFM2G16Q2B-HEB8 Samsung
2GB OneNAND 128Mx16 KFH2G16Q2A-DEB8 Samsung
8G One Nand KFH8GH6U4M-DIB6 Samsung
8G One Nand KFG8GH6U4M-AIB6 Samsung
2G One Nand KFG2G16Q2A-DEB8 Samsung
1Gb OneNAND Flash 64Mx16 KFG1G16Q2B-DEB8 Samsung
4G OneNAND 256Mx16 1.8v (Mux) 83MHz KFM4G16Q2A-HEB8 Samsung
512Mb OneNAND 32Mx16 3.3v 63 FBGA KFG1216U2B-DIB6 Samsung
1Gb OneNAND Flash 64Mx16 1.8V FBGA KFM4G16Q5B-BEB1 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16Q2A-DEB8 Samsung
4G One Nand KFG4G16Q2A-DEB6 Samsung
2G One Nand KFG2G1602B-HEB8 Samsung
2G One Nand KFG2G16Q2B-HEB8 Samsung
4G One Nand KFG4G16Q2A-DEB8 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16Q2B-DEB8 Samsung
512Mb OneNAND 32Mx16 3.3v 63 FBGA KFG1216U2B-SIB6 Samsung
512Mb OneNAND 32Mx16 1.8v 63 FBGA KFG1216Q2A-DEB5 Samsung
1Gb OneNAND Flash 64Mx16 3.3v 63 FBGA KFG1G16U2B-DIB6 Samsung
1Gb OneNAND Flash KFG1G16Q2C-AEB8 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16Q2D-HEB8 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16U2M-DIB5 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16U2B-DIB6 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16U2D-DIB6 Samsung
512M One Nand KFG1216U2B-DIB6 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16U2C-AIB6000 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16U2D-HIB6000 Samsung
512M One Nand KFM1216Q2B-VEB8 Samsung
512M One Nand KFG1216U2B-SIB6 Samsung
512M One Nand KFG1216Q2A-DEB5 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16U2D-VIB6 Samsung
1G One Nand KFG1G16U2C-DIB6 Samsung
Mux OneNand 4G (512Mx16) FBGA Pb-Free KFN4G16Q2A-DEB8000 Samsung
Mux OneNand 4G (512Mx16) Pb-Free KFN4G16Q2A-GEB8 Samsung
OneNand 2G KFM2G16Q2A-GEB8 Samsung
OneNand 4G KFM4G16Q5M-GEB8 Samsung
OneNand 8G KFM8GH6Q4M-GEB8 Samsung
OneNand 8G KFM8G16Q5M-BEB8 Samsung
256M One NAND (16Mx16) KFG5616U1A-PIB5 Samsung
1Gb OneNAND Flash KFG1G16Q2D-HEB8 Samsung
1Gb OneNAND Flash 64Mx16 3.3v 63 FBGA KFG1G16U2D-HIB6 Samsung
1Gb OneNAND Flash 64Mx16 KFG1G16U2D-VIB6 Samsung
256M One NAND (16Mx16) KFG5616U1A-DIB5 Samsung
4G OneNAND KAT007015C-BRTT Samsung
4G OneNAND KAT007012C-BRTT Samsung
2GB OneNAND 128Mx16 KFG2G16Q2A-DEB80 Samsung
8Gb OneNAND Flash 512Mx16 KFG8GH6U4M-AIB6 Samsung
2GB OneNAND 128Mx16 KFG2G16Q2B-HEB80 Samsung
KFG1216Q2B-SEB8000 KFG1216Q2B-SEB8000 Samsung
Mux OneNand 4G (512Mx16) FBGA Pb-Free KFN4G16Q2A-DEB8 Samsung
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