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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
Seagate/Maxtor HDD
160GB ATA/133 8M cache 6L160P0BOX Maxtor
160GB ATA/133 8M cache 516199\6L160PO Maxtor
160GB HDD 5400rpm 4R160L0 Maxtor
80GB ATA133 4R080L06210P1 Maxtor
40GB ATA133 2M Cache 6E040L0 Maxtor
40GB 6K040L0 Maxtor DiamondMax
40GB HDD DiamondMax 7200rpm 4D040H2 Maxtor
250GB SATA150 8M Cache 7Y250M0 Maxtor
250GB ATA133 16M cache 6L250R0 Maxtor
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