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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
SD-166 4Mx16-6 HY57V641620FTP-6-A SK hynix
SD-166 4Mx16-6 HY57V641620FTP-6DR-A SK hynix
SD-166 4Mx16-6 IC42S16400F-6TL ICSI
SD 8Mx16 166MHz NT5DS8M16HS-6K Nanya
SD 4Mx16-6 166MHz K4S641632E-TC60 Samsung
SD 4Mx16-6 166MHz K4S641632H-TC60 Samsung
SD 4Mx16-60 166MHz Pb-Free K4S641632H-UC60 Samsung
SD 1Mx16-6 W9816G6XH-6 Winbond
SD 2Mx32 166MHz W9864G2GH-6 Winbond
SD 16Mx16 PC133 Pb-Free W9825G6JH-6 Winbond
SD 16Mx16 PC166 Pb-Free W9825G6KH-6 Winbond
SD 4Mx16-6 W9864G6JH-6 Winbond
SD 4Mx16-6 166MHz K4S641632K-UC60T Samsung
SD 4Mx16-6 PC166 Pb-Free Ind EM638165TS-6IG Etron
SD 16Mx16 PC166 Pb-Free AS4C16M16SA-7BCN Alliance
SD 2Mx32-10 PC66 HY57V653220BTC-10 SK hynix [Hyundai]
SD 4Mx16-6 166MHz Pb-Free K4S641632K-UC60 Samsung
SD 4Mx16-6 200MHz K4S641632K-UC50 Samsung
SD-166 4Mx16 (64Mb) K4S641632N-LC60 Samsung
SD 4Mx16-60 166MHz K4S641632N-TC60 Samsung
SD 4Mx16-6 166MHz K4S643232N-LC60 Samsung
SD 4Mx16-60 166MHz K4S641632N-LI60 Samsung
SD 32Mx8-60C 166MHz CL3 H57V2582GTR-60C SK hynix
SD 4Mx16-6 200MHz M12L64164A-5TG2R Elite MT
SD 4Mx16-6 M12L64164A-5TG2M ESMT
SD-166 2Mx32-6 M12L64322A-6TG Elite MT
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz Pb-Free EDS6432AFTA-6B-E Elpida
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz EM638325TS-6 EtronTech
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz EM638325TS-6G EtronTech
SD 2Mx32-6 200MHz EM638325TSA-5 EtronTech
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz EM638325TSA-6G EtronTech
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz EM638325TSA-5G EtronTech
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz HY57V653220BTC-6 SK hynix [Hyundai]
SD-166 2Mx32 HY57V643220CT-6 SK hynix
SD-166 2Mx32 HY57V643220DT-6 SK hynix
SD-166 2Mx32 IS42S32200E-6TLI ISSI
SD-166 16Mx16 A3V56S40FTP-G6PZ Zentel
SD-166 16Mx16 A3V56S30FTP-G6RZ Zentel
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz K4S643232H-TC60T00 Samsung
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz K4S643232H-TC60 Samsung
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz K4S643232H-UC60 Samsung
SD-166 4Mx16 A3V64S40GTP-G6 Zentel
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz K4S643232H-UC60T Samsung
SD 2Mx32-6 166MHz K4S643232F-TC60T00 Samsung
SD-166 8Mx16 A3V28S40FTP-G6 Zentel
SD 16Mx16-6B 166MHz EDS2516AFTA-6B-E Elpida
SD 2Mx8-A10 PC66 HM5216805TT-10H Hitachi
SD-166 16Mx16 A3V56S40FTP-G6 Zentel
SD 1Mx16-6 200MHz M12L16161A-5TG Elite MT
SD 1Mx16-6 166MHz EM636165TS-6G Etron
SD 1Mx16 200MHz EM636165TS-5G Etron
SD 1Mx16-6 166MHz MB81F161622C-60FN Fujitsu
SD-166 16Mx16 A3V56S40GTP-60 Zentel
SD 1Mx16-6 166MHz K4S161622D-TC60 Samsung
SD-166 1Mx16-60 K4S161622E-TC60T00 Samsung
SD-166 1Mx16-60 K4S161622E-TC60000 Samsung
SD-166 1Mx16-6 CL3 K4S161622H-TC60T Samsung
SD-166 1Mx16-6 CL3 K4S161622H-TC60 Samsung
SD-166 1Mx16-6 CL3 Pb-Free K4S161622H-UC60T Samsung
SD 16Mx16-5 200MHz EM63A165TS-5G Etron
SD 16Mx16 200MHz EM6AA160TSC-5G Etron
SD 16M X16 TSOP(II) NT5SV16M16BS-6KI Nanya
SD 4Mx16-6 W9864G6GH-6 Winbond
SD 4Mx16-6 W9864G6JB-6 Winbond
SD 4Mx16-6 W9864G6JT-6I Winbond
SD 4Mx16-7 W9864G6JH-7 Winbond
SD 4Mx16-7 W9864G6JB-7 Winbond
SD 4Mx16-6 W9864G6JH-6I Winbond
SD 4Mx16-5 HY57V641620FTP-5-C SK hynix
SD 2Mx32-6 W986432EH-6 Winbond
SD 8Mx16-6 166MHz W9812G6JH-6I Winbond
SD 1Mx16 EDS1616AGTA-6B-E Elpida
Hynix HY57V1262GTR-60C SK hynix
SD 8Mx16-6 166MHz P3V28S40ETP-G6 Mira
SD 8Mx16 166MHz NT5SV8M16HS-6K Nanya
SD 8Mx16 166MHz NT5SV8M16HS-6KI Nanya
SD-166 16Mx16-7 IC42S16160H-6TL ICSI
SD-166 1Mx16-7 IC42S16100F-6TL ICSI
64M(1MX16X4BANKS) bit SDRAM EM638165VE-6G Etron
SD-143 4Mx32 IS42S32400F-7TL ISSI
SD 32Mx8 166MHz CL3 NT5SV32M8CS-6K Nanya
SD 32Mx8 166MHz CL3 NT5DS32M8DS-6K Nanya
SD 16Mx16-75 166 TFBGA IS42S16160G-6BL ISSI
SD-166 16Mx16 IS42S16160G-6TLI ISSI
SD 8Mx16 166MHz A3V28S40ETP-G6 Zentel
SD-166 4Mx16-6 IC42S16400D-6TL ICSI
SDRAM 4MX16 W9864G6GB-6 Winbond
SDRAM 4MX16 W9864G6GB-7 Winbond
SD-166 2Mx32 HY57V6432220DTP-6 SK hynix
512Mb SD 32Mx16 IS43R16320A-6TL ICSI
SD 16Mx16-60 166 MHz Pb-Free K4S561632E-UC60 Samsung
SD-166 16Mx16 K4S561632H-UC60 Samsung
SD 16Mx16-6 Pb-Free HY57V561620FTP-6-C SK hynix
SD 16Mx16-6 Pb-Free HY57V561620FTP-6-A SK hynix
SD-166 16Mx16 K4S561632N-LC60T Samsung
SD 8Mx16 166MHz Pb-Free EDS1216AGTA-6B-E Elpida
SD 1Mx16-6 PC166 CL3 Pb-Free K4S161622H-UC60 Samsung
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