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LPDDR (Mobile DDR)
LPDDR 128Mx32 MT46H128M32L2KQ-6 WT:B Micron
LPDDR-400 32Mx32 (1Gb) MT46H32M32LFB5-5 IT:C Micron
Mobile DDR 64Mx16 200MHz FBGA H5MS1G62AFR-E3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 16Mx32 166MHz K4X51323PE-8GC6 Samsung
Mobile DDR 16Mx32 166MHz K4X51323PG-8GC6 Samsung
Mobile DDR 16Mx32 166MHz K4X51323PI-8GC6 Samsung
Mobile DDR-166 16Mx32 K4X51323PG-8GC8 Samsung
Mobile DDR 16Mx32 800MHz K4X51323PK-8GD8 Samsung
Mobile DDR 16Mx32 200MHz K4X51323PK-NGD8 Samsung
Mobile DDR2-400 64Mx32 (x4P) EDB8064B1PB-8D-F Micron
Mobile DDR 166MHz 16M x32 H5MS5132EKA-J3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 64Mx16 166MHz FBGA H5MS1G62VFR-J3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 16M x32 H5MS5122EFR-E3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 16M x32 H5MS5122EFR-J3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 16Mx32 H5MS5122FFR-J3M SK hynix
LPDDR-333 16Mx16 Ind Temp MT46H16M16LFBF-6 IT:H Micron
Mobile DDR-333 16Mx16 HY5MS5B6BLFP-6E-C SK hynix
LPDDR-333 16Mx16 Ind Temp MT46H16M16LFBF-5 IT:H Micron
Mobile DDR-333 16Mx16 K4X56163PN-FGC6 Samsung
Mobile DDR 16Mx16 256M K4X56163PN-FG(1) Samsung
Mobile DDR 8Mx32 256M K4X56323PN-8G(1) Samsung
LPDDR-333 16Mx16 MT46H16M16LFBF-6:H Micron
LPDDR-333 16Mx16 MT46H16M16LFBF-6:A Micron
Mobile DDR-266 16Mx16 K4X56163PG-FGC3 Samsung
Mobile DDR-266 16Mx16 K4X56163PI-FGC3 Samsung
LPDDR-266 16Mx16 MT46H16M16LFBF-75IT:A Micron
LPDDR-266 16Mx16 MT46H16M16LFBF-75:A Micron
LPDDR 8Mx32 MT46H8M32LFB5-6IT:H Micron
LPDDR 8Mx32 MT46H8M32LFB5-6:H Micron
Mobile DDR-333 8Mx32 EDK1432CABH-60-F Elpida
Mobile DDR-266 8Mx32 K4X56323PG-8GC3 Samsung
Mobile DDR-266 8Mx32 K4X56323PI-8GC3 Samsung
Mobile DDR-133 8Mx32 K4X56323PN-8GC6 Samsung
Mobile DDR 8M x32 H5MS2622JFR-J3M SK hynix
LPDDR-333 8Mx16 MT46H8M16LFBF-6IT:K Micron
Mobile DDR 8M x32 H5MS2622NFR-J3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 8M x32 H5MS2622JFR-E3M SK hynix
LPDDR-333 8Mx16 MT46H8M16LFBF-6:K Micron
Mobile DDR 8M x16 H5MS1262EFP-J3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 8Mx16 K4X28163PN-TGC3T Samsung
Mobile DDR 8M x16 H5MS1262EFP-J3M-C SK hynix
Mobile DDR 8Mx16 K4X28163PN-TGC6 Samsung
LPDDR 8Mx16 MT46H8M16LFCF-75 Micron
LPDDR-333 4Mx32 MT46H4M32LFB5-6IT:K Micron
1GBits DDR Mobile RAMT WTR EDD10323BBH-5BLS-F Elpida
1GBits DDR Mobile RAMT WTR EDD10163BBH-6ELS-F Elpida
1GBits DDR Mobile RAMT WTR EDD10323BBH-6ELS-F Elpida
Mobile DDR 1Mx32Bitsx4Banks IS43LR32400E-BL ISSI
Mobile DDR 128Mx4 IS43LR32160C-6BLI ISSI
Mobile DDR 128Mx4 IS43LR32160B-6BLI ISSI
Elpida EHD013111MA-60-F Elpida
Mobile DDR 32Mx16 200MHz H5MS5162FFR-E3A SK hynix
Elpida EHD013091MA-60-F Elpida
Elpida DDR3 EDJ2108EDBG-DJ-F Elpida
Elpida EDJ2116EEBG-DJ-F Elpida
Elpida 660524\EDJ4216BBBG-GN-F Elpida
Elpida EDJ4208EBBG-DJ-F Elpida
DDR3 256Mx16 EDJ4216EBBG-DJ-F Elpida
Elpida Mobile DDR2 EDBA232B1PB-8D/1D-F Elpida
DDR3 256Mx16 FBGA EDJ4216EBBG-GNL-F Elpida
Mobile DDR 32Mx16 ( LP DDR) NT6DM32M16AD-T3 Nanya Orig
Elpida EDJ8132B3PB-8D/1D-F Elpida
Mobile DDR 16Mx16 (LP DDR) NT6DM16M16AD-T1 Nanya Orig
Elpida EDB4432BAPA-8D/1D-F Elpida
16Gb Mobile DDR2 EDBA164B2PF-1D-F Elpida
Mobile DDR 16Mx16 (LP DDR) NT6DM16M16AD-T3 Nanya Orig
Elpida EDB4432BABH-1D-F Elpida
16Gbits Mobile DDR2 533MHz 220-ball FBGA EDBA164B2PH-1D-FR Elpida
Elpida EDB4064B3PB-8D/1D-F Elpida
Elpida Mobile DDR2 EDBA164B1PD-8D-F Elpida
Elpida Mobile DDR2 EDBA232B1MA-8D/1D-F Elpida
Elpida EDB8132B3MC-8D/1D-F Elpida
Elpida Mobile DDR2 EDBA232B1MA-1D-F Elpida
DDR3 512Mx8 EDJ4208BBBG-GN-F Elpida
LPDDR 32Mx16 200MHz MT46H32M16LFBF-5:C Micron
Elpida EDB6064B2PB-6D-F Elpida
Elpida EDB8132B3PD-1D-F Elpida
Elpida Mobile DDR2 EDBA164B1PF-1D-F Elpida
Elpida EDBM164B1PD-1D-F Elpida
Elpida EDB6164B4PB-1D-F Elpida
Elpida EDB4064B3PP-1D-F Elpida
LDDR-200 32Mx16 (512Mb) MT46H32M16LFBF-5 IT:C Micron
LPDDR-400 128Mx32 MT46H128M32L2KQ-5WT:B Micron
LPDDR-400 128Mx32 Low Power MT46H128M32L2KQ-5IT:A Micron
LPDDR 128Mx32 MT46H128M32L2KQ-48 WT:C Micron
LPDDR 128Mx32 MT46H128M32L2KK-48 WT:C Micron
LPDDR 128Mx32 MT46H128M32L2KQ-48 IT:C Micron
LPDDR-400 128Mx32 MT46H128M32L2KQ-6WT:B Micron
LPDDR-400 128Mx32 Low Power MT46H128M32L2KQ-5IT:B Micron
LPDDR-333 128Mx16 LP (Low Power) MT46H128M16LFB7-6IT:B Micron
LPDDR-333 128Mx16 LP (Low Power) MT46H128M16LFB7-6WT:B Micron
Mobile DDR 400 32Mx32 K4X1G323PF-8GD8 Samsung
Mobile DDR 32Mx16 200MHz H5MS5162EFR-E3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 32Mx16-333 H5MS5162FFR-J3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 16Mx32 166MHz K4X51323PI-8GC60JR Samsung
Mobile DDR 16Mx32 H5MS5122FFR-E3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 16M x32 H5MS5122DFR-J3M-C SK hynix
Mobile DDR 16Mx16 H5MS2562JFR-J3M-C SK hynix
Mobile DDR-333 16Mx16 FBGA H5MS2562NFR-J3M SK hynix
Mobile DDR 16M x16 H5MS2562JFR-E3M SK hynix
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