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High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)
HBM2 2Gb/s 4Gb KHA844801X-MC12 Samsung
HBM2 2.4Gb/s 8Gb KHA884901X-MC13 Samsung
HBM2 2Gb/s 8Gb KHA884901X-MC12 Samsung
HBM2 2Gb/s 8Gb KHA884901X-MN12 Samsung
HBM2 2.4Gb/s 8Gb KHA884901X-MN13 Samsung
HBM2 2.4Gb/s 4Gb KHA844801X-MC13 Samsung
HBM2 2Gb/s 4Gb KHA844801X-MN12 Samsung
HBM2 2.4Gb/s 4Gb KHA844801X-MN13 Samsung
HBM2 4GB H5VR32ESM4H-12C SK hynix
HBM2E 1.8GHz 8Hi 16Gb/128Gb H5WRAGESM8W-N8L SK hynix
HBM2E 1.6GHz 8Hi 16Gb/128Gb H5WRAGESM8W-N6L SK hynix
HBM2E 1.8GHz 4Hi 16Gb/64Gb H5WR64ESM4W-N8L SK hynix
HBM2E 1.6GHz 4Hi 16Gb/64Gb H5WR64ESM4W-N6L SK hynix
HBM2 1.2GHz 8Hi 8Gb H5VR64ESA8H-N2C SK hynix
HBM2 1GHz 8Hi 8Gb H5VR64ESA8H-N0C SK hynix
HBM2 1.2GHz 4Hi 8Gb H5VR32ESA4H-N2C SK hynix
HBM2 1GHz 4Hi 8Gb H5VR32ESA4H-N0C SK hynix
HBM2 1.1GHz 8Hi 8Gb H5VR64ESA8H-N1C SK hynix
HBM2 1.1GHz 4Hi 8Gb H5VR32ESA4H-N1C SK hynix
HBM2E 3.2Gb/s 8GB KHAA44801B-MC16 Samsung
HBM2E 3.6Gb/s 8GB KHAA44801B-MC17 Samsung
HBM2E 3.2Gb/s 16GB KHAA84901B-JC16 Samsung
HBM2E 3.6Gb/s 16GB KHAA84901B-JC17 Samsung
HBM2E 3.2Gb/s 16GB KHAA84901B-MC16 Samsung
HBM2E 3.6Gb/s 16GB KHAA84901B-MC17 Samsung
HBM2E 3.2Gb/s 8GB MT54A8G8040A00BF-32:A Micron
HBM2E 2.8Gb/s 8GB MT54A8G8040A00BF-28:A Micron
HBM2E 3.2Gb/s 16GB MT54A16G8080A00AC-32:A Micron
HBM2E 2.8Gb/s 16GB MT54A16G8080A00AC-28:A Micron
HBM3 6.4Gb/s 16GB KHBA84A03C-MC1HT Samsung
HBM3 6.4Gb/s 16GB KHBAC4A03C-MC1HT Samsung
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