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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
DDR3-1600 256Mx8 (2Gb) Ind 1.35V MT41K256M8DA-15 IT:M Micron
DDR3-1866 4Gx4 (16Gb) H5TQ4G43BFR-RDC SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx16 (16Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G16DGA-125:A Micron
DDR3-1333 4Gx4 (16Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G4RA-15E:D Micron
DDR3-1866 1Gx8 (8Gb) Ind 1.35V AS4C1G8D3LA-10BIN Alliance
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) AS4C1G8MD3L-12BCN Alliance
DDR3-800 512Mx16 (8Gb) AS4C512M16D3L-12BCN Alliance
DDR3-800 512Mx16 (8Gb) AS4C512M16D3L-12BIN Alliance
DDR3-1333 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8216E5MB-DJ-F Elpida
DDR3-1333 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8216E5MB-DJL-F Elpida
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8216E5MB-GN-F Elpida
DDR3 256Mx32 (8Gb) EDJ8232B5MB Elpida
DDR3 256Mx32 (8Gb) EDJ8232B5MB-DJ-F Elpida
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8404B6HB-JS-F Elpida
DDR3-1600 2Gx4 (8Gb) EDJ8404E6HB-GN-F Elpida
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8416E6MB-GN-F Elpida
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8416E6MB-GN-F-D Elpida
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8416E6MB-GNL-F Elpida
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8416E6MB-GNL-F-D Elpida
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) EDJ8416E6MB-GNL-F-R Elpida
DDR3-1333 512Mx16 (8Gb) EXJ8416B6MB-DJSF-F Elpida
DDR3-1066 512Mx16 (8Gb) Ind 1.35V H5TC4G63AFR-G7I SK hynix
Incorrect partno DDR3-1066 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC4G63MFR-G7C SK hynix
DDR3-1333 2Gx4 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G43AMR-H9A SK hynix
DDR3-1600 2Gx4 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G43AMR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1333 2Gx4 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G43BMR-H9A SK hynix
DDR3-1600 2Gx4 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G43BMR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1066 2Gx4 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G43MMR-G7A SK hynix
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G63AFR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G63AMR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G63AMR-PBR SK hynix
DDR3-1866 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G63AMR-RDA SK hynix
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G63CMR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G63CMR-PBR SK hynix
DDR3-1866 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G63CMR-RDA SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G83AMR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G83BMR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G83CMR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1333 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G83MMR-H9A SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V H5TC8G83MMR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1333 2Gx4 (8Gb) H5TQ4G43MMR-H9C SK hynix
DDR3-1600 2Gx4 (8Gb) H5TQ8G43AMR-PBC SK hynix
DDR3-1866 2Gx4 (8Gb) H5TQ8G43BMR-RDC SK hynix
DDR3-1066 2Gx4 (8Gb) H5TQ8G43MMR-G7C SK hynix
DDR3-1333 2Gx4 (8Gb) H5TQ8G43MMR-H9C SK hynix
DDR3-1600 2Gx4 (8Gb) H5TQ8G43MMR-PBC SK hynix
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) H5TQ8G63AMR-PBC SK hynix
DDR3-1866 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5TQ8G63AMR-RDC SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5TQ8G83AMR-PBC SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5TQ8G83AMR-PBC SK hynix
DDR3-1866 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5TQ8G83AMR-RDC SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5TQ8G83BMR-PBC SK hynix
DDR3-1333 1Gx8 FBGA (8Gb) H5TQ8G83MMR-H9C SK hynix
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5TQ8G83MMR-PBC SK hynix
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) IS43TR16512A-125KBLI ISSI
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V IS43TR16512AL-125KBLI ISSI
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) IS43TR16512BL-125KBLI ISSI
DDR3-1866M 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V IS43TR16512S2DL-107MBLI ISSI
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) IS43TR81024BL-125KBL ISSI
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) IS43TR81024BL-125KBLI ISSI
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) IS46TR16512BL-125KBLA1 ISSI
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4B2G1646B-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 2Gx4 (8Gb) 1.35V K4B8G0446D-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) K4B8G0846D-MCK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V K4B8G0846D-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4B8G1646B-HCK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4B8G1646B-MCK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4B8G1646B-MEK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V K4B8G1646B-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V K4B8G1646D-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4B8G1646D-MCK0 Samsung
DDR3-2133 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4B8G1646D-MCNB Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) Ind 1.35V K4B8G1646D-MMK0 Samsung
DDR3-1866 512Mx16 (8Gb) Ind 1.35V K4B8G1646D-MMMA Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V K4B8G1646D-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3-1866 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V K4B8G1646D-MYMA Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V K4B8G1646Q-HYK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4B8G1646Q-MCK0 Samsung
DDR3-1866 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4B8G1646Q-MCMA Samsung
DDR3-1600 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V K4B8G1646Q-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3-1333 256Mx32 FBGA (8Gb) K4B8G3346B-MCH9 Samsung
DDR3-1600 256Mx32 FBGA (8Gb) K4B8G3346B-MCK0 Samsung
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) MT41J1G8THE-125:D Micron
DDR3-1333 1Gx8 (8Gb) MT41J1G8THE-15E Micron
DDR3-1866 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8RKB-107:N Micron
DDR3-1866 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8RKB-107:P Micron
DDR3-1866 1Gx8 (8Gb) Ind 1.35V MT41K1G8SN-107 IT:A Micron
DDR3-1866 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8SN-107:A Micron
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8SN-125 AIT:A Micron
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8SN-125 IT:A Micron
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8SN-125:A Micron
DDR3-1333 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8THE-15E:D Micron
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8TRE-125:E Micron
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8TRE-125 IT:E Micron
DDR3-1866 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8TRF-107:E Micron
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8TRF-125 IT:E Micron
DDR3-1600 1Gx8 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K1G8TRF-125:E Micron
DDR3-1600 256Mx32 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K256M32SLD-125 Micron
DDR3-1600 256Mx32 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K256M32SLD-125:E Micron
DDR3-1866 2Gx4 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K2G4RKB-107:N Micron
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