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Intel P3 / P4 Box 512K Cache
P4 1.8GA FC PGA (S478) BX80532PC1800D Intel Box
P4 1.6GA FC PGA (S478) BX80532PC1600D Intel Box
P3 1.4GHz FC PGA 2 BX80530C1400512 Intel Box
P3 1.26GHz FCPGA 2 BX80530C1266512 Intel Box
P3 1.13GHz FCPGA 2 Box_133_MHz_512K_Cache Intel Box
P4 3.0GC GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PG3000D Intel Box
P4 3.06GB GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PE3066D Intel Box
P4 2.8GC GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PG2800D Intel Box
P4 2.8GC GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PG2800D Intel Box
P4 2.8GB GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PE2800D Intel Box
P4 2.8G0 FC PGA (S478) Box_400_MHz_512K_Cache Intel Box
P4 2.66GB GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PE2666D Intel Box
P4 2.6GC GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PG2600D Intel Box
P4 2.53GB GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PE2533D Intel Box
P4 3.4GHz FC PGA (S478) Box_800_MHz_512K_Cache Intel Box
P4 2.4GB GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PE2400D Intel Box
P4 2.26GB GHz FC PGA (S478) BX80532PE2266D Intel Box
P4 2.2GA FC PGA (S478) BX80532PC2200D Intel Box
P4 2.0GA FC PGA (S478) BX80532PC2000D Intel Box
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