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Intel P3 / P4 Box 256K Cache
P3 850E FC PGA BX80526F850256E Intel Box
P3 800EB FC PGA BX80526C800256E Intel Box
P3 850E Slot 1 SL4KH Intel Box
P3 1.0GHz Slot 1 BX80526H1000256 Intel Box
P4 1.9G FC PGA (S478) BX80531NK190G Intel Box
P4 1.8G FC PGA (S478) BX80531NK180G Intel Box
P4 1.8G FC PGA (S423) SL4X5 Intel Box
P4 1.7G FC PGA (S478) BX80531NK170G Intel Box
P4 1.6G FC PGA (S478) BX80531NK160G Intel Box
P4 1.5G FC PGA (S478) BX80528NK150G Intel Box
P4 2.0G FC PGA (S478) BX80531NK200G Intel Box
P4 1.3G0 FC PGA (423) BK80528JK130GR Intel Box
P3 1.20 GHz FC-PGA 2 SL5PM Intel Box
P3 1.13 GHz FC-PGA 2 SL5GQ Intel Box
P3 1.0GHz FC-PGA 10155\Box\133\MHz\256K\Cache Intel Box
P3 1.0GHz FC-PGA SL5DV Intel Box
P3 1.0A GHz FC-PGA 2 SL5UU Intel Box
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