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AMD Processor Legacy Tray
Athlon MP 2000+ Athlon_MP_2000+ AMD Tray
Sempron 3300 (S754) 64bit SDA3300AI02BX AMD Tray
Phenom II X2 Black 560 HDZ560WFK2DGM AMD Tray
Sempron 3200 64bit AM2 SDA3200IAA2CW AMD Tray
Phenom II X2 Black 570 HDZ570WFK2DGM AMD Tray
Phenom II N970 HMN970DCR42GM AMD
Sempron 3100 64bit (S754) SDA3100AIP3AX AMD Tray
Athlon MP 1900+ Athlon_MP_1900+ AMD Tray
Phenom X4 9750 HD9750WCJ4BGH AMD
Radeon AD-3400 No_longer_use AMD
Radeon AD-3300 AD3300 AMD
Sempron 3000 64bit (S754) SDA3000AI02BX AMD Tray
Athlon II Neo Dual-Core Mobile K325 AMK325LAV23GM AMD
Athlon II P360 AMP360SGR22GM AMD
Sempron 3000 32bit (S754) SDA3000AIO2BA AMD Tray
Athlon II X4 650 ADX650WFK42GM AMD
Sempron 2800+ 64bits (S754) SDA2800AI03BX AMD Tray
Athlon X4 830 AD830XYBI44JA AMD Tray
Athlon II X4 651 AD651XWNZ43GX AMD Tray
Opteron 6172 12-Core Magny-Cours 2.1GHz OS6172WKTCEGOWOF AMD
Opteron 6212 8-Core 2.6GHz 16MB Cache Socket G34 OS6212WKT8GGU AMD
Opteron 6238 12-Core 2.6GHz 16MB Socket G34 OS6238WKTCGGU AMD
Opteron 6380 (16C 16T 2.5/3.4GHz) OS6380WKTGGHK AMD
GX-420CA 2.0GHz BGA769 GE420CIAJ44HM AMD
Opteron 6386SE (16C 16T 2.8/3.5GHz) OS6386YETGGHK AMD
Athlon x4 750k AD750KWOA44HJ AMD
Athlon II X4 640 ADX640WFK42GM AMD
Athlon II X4 631 AD631XWNZ43GX AMD Tray
Athlon II X4 641 AD641XWNZ43GX AMD Tray
Athlon X4 740 (4C 4T 3.2/3.7GHz) AD740XOKA44HJ AMD
Athlon II X4 620 ADX620WFK42GI AMD
Athlon 415e 64bit X3 AD415EHDK32GM AMD
Sempron 145 SDX145HBK13GM AMD Tray
Athlon 405e 64bit X3 AD405EHDK32GM AMD
Geode LX 800 ALXD800EEXJ2VF AMD Tray
Sempron 150 SDX150HBK13GM AMD Tray
Sempron X2 190 SDX190HDK22GM AMD Tray
Athlon 5400 64bit AM2 Dual-Core 940 ADO5400IAA5DO AMD
Athlon 3000G (2C 4T 3.5GHz) w/Vega 3 YD3000C6FHMPK AMD MPK
A4 PRO-7300B AD730BOKA23HL AMD Tray
FX-6300 (6C 6T 3.5/3.8GHz) FD6300WMHKSPK AMD MPK
FX-8300 (8C 8T 3.3/4.2GHz) FD8300WMHKMPK AMD MPK
Sempron 130 SDX130HBK12GQ AMD
Sempron 130 2.6GHz AM3 SDX130HBK12GM AMD
Sempron LE-1300 SDH1300IAA4DP AMD Tray
Turion II N40H 1500MHz TEN40HGAV23GME AMD
Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile TL-64 TMDTL64HAX5DC AMD
Athlon 5000 64bit AM2 Dual-Core 940 ADA5000IAA5CU AMD
Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile TL-58 TMDTL58HAXSDC AMD
Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile TL-58 TMDTL58HAX5DC AMD
Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile TL-56 TMDTL56HAX5CT AMD
Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile TL-52 TMDTL52HAX5CT AMD
Athlon 7750 64bit AM2 Dual-Core 940 AD775ZWCJ2BGH AMD Tray
Athlon 4400 64bit X2 Dual-Core S940 ADO4400IAA5DO AMD Tray
Athlon 7750 64bit AM2 Dual-Core 940 AD7750WCJ2BGH AMD Tray
Duron 1300 Duron 1300 AMD Tray
Duron 1200 Duron 1200 AMD Tray
Duron 1100 Duron 1100 AMD Tray
Athlon 4000 64bit X2 Dual-Core S939 A4000S939 AMD Tray
Duron 1000 Duron 1000 AMD Tray
Duron 950 Duron 950 AMD Tray
Athlon 4000 64bit AM2 Dual-Core 940 ADO4000IAA5DD AMD
Duron 900 Duron 900 AMD Tray
E-350 2 Core 1.6GMHz BGA413 EME350GBB22GT AMD Tray
E2-3000M EM3000DDX22GX AMD Tray
Duron 850 Duron 850 AMD Tray
Duron 800 D800AUT1B AMD/Tray
Duron 750MHz Socket 462 D750AUT1B AMD
Duron 700MHz Socket 462 D700AUT1B AMD
Dual-Core E2 APU for Desktops ED3200OJZ22GX AMD
Athlon 64 LE-1660 ADH1660IAA4DP AMD
Athlon 3500 64bit AM2 ADA3500IAA4CN\2 AMD Tray
Athlon X2 7550 64bit AM2 Dual-Core 940 AD7550WCJ2BGH AMD Tray
Athlon BE-2400 64bit AM2 Dual-Core 940 ADH2400IAA5DO AMD
Opteron 8384 Quad-Core 2.7GHz 6MB OS8384WAL4DGI AMD
Opteron 1354 Quad-Core 2.2GHz OS1354WBJ4BGH AMD
Opteron 8381HE QUAD Core 2.50GHz CPU OS8381PCP4DGI AMD
Athlon II X3 450 ADX450WFK32GM AMD
Opteron 2.4GHz 2MB L2 Cache Socket F (1207) Quad-Core OS8378WAL4DGI AMD
Opteron 4332HE 3GHz 6-Core OS4332OFU6KHK AMD Tray
Opteron 8360SE 2.5 GHz Quad-Core OS8360YAL4BGH Processor OS8360YAL4BGH AMD
Athlon II X3 460 ADX460WFK32GM AMD Tray
Opteron 2378 2.4G OS2378WAL4DGI AMD
Athlon X2 Dual Core 7450 AD7450WCJ2BGH AMD Tray
Opteron 2382 OS2382WAL4DGI AMD
Athlon II X2 B22 ADXB22OCK23GQ AMD
Phenom II X6 1090T 3.20GHz Socket AM3 HDT90ZFBK6DGR AMD
Phenom II X6 1075T 2.80GHz Socket AM3 HDT75TFBK6DGR AMD
Phenom II X6 1055T Socket AM3 HDT55TFBGR AMD Tray
Phenom II X4 955 Socket AM3 (940) Phenom_II_X4_955 AMD Tray
Athlon 3000 64bit (S939) ADA3000DAA4BW AMD Tray
Phenom II X4 P960 Socket S1 HMP960SGR42GM AMD
Phenom II X4 945 Socket AM3 (940) Phenom_II_X4_945 AMD Tray
Athlon II X2 545 HDX545WFK2DGI AMD
Athlon II X3 440 ADX440WFK32GM AMD
Athlon II X3 435 ADX435WFK32GI AMD Tray
Athlon II X2 260u AD260USCK23GM AMD Tray
Athlon II X2 B28 ADXB28OCK23GM AMD
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