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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
DDR5-5600 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT60B2G8HB-56B:G Micron
DDR5-4800 4Gx4 (16Gb) H5CG44MEBD SK hynix
DDR5-4800 4Gx4 (16Gb) MT60B4G4HB-48B:A Micron
DDR5-4800 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT60B2G8HB-48B:A Micron
DDR5-4800 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5CG48MEBDX014 SK hynix
DDR5-4800 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5CG48MEBDX014N SK hynix
DDR5-4800 2Gx8 (16Gb) K4RAH086VB-BCQK Samsung
DDR5-4800 1Gx16 (16Gb) K4RAH165VB-BCQK Samsung
DDR5-4800 1Gx16 (16Gb) MT60B1G16HC-48B:A Micron
DDR5-4800 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5CG38MEBD SK hynix
DDR5-4800 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5CG38MEED SK hynix
DDR5-5600 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5CG48AGBDX018 SK hynix
DDR5-5600 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5CG48AGBDX018N SK hynix
DDR5-5600 2Gx8 (16Gb) K4RAH086VE-BCWM Samsung
DDR4-3200 8Gx4 (32Gb) 3DS MT40A8G4CLU-062H:E Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) QIG NT5AD512M8E3-JRT Nanya
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) K4A4G085WF-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) MT40A512M8RH-062E:B Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) MT40A512M8SA-062E AUT:F Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) Ind MT40A512M8SA-062E IT:F Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) MT40A512M8SA-062E:F Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) MT40A512M8SA-062E:G Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) NT5AD512M8E3-JR Nanya
DDR4-2666 512Mx8 (4Gb) NT5AD512M8E3-HR Nanya
DDR4-3200 512Mx8 (4Gb) NT5AD512M8E3-JRU Nanya
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) QIG NT5AD512M16C4-JRT Nanya
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) Ind H5AN8G6NCJR-XNI SK hynix
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) H5AN8G6NCJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) H5AN8G6NDJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WB-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WB-BIWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WC-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WC-BIWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) Ind MT40A512M16JY-062E IT:B Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16JY-062E:B Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16LY-062E AAT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16LY-062E AIT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16LY-062E AT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16LY-062E AUT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) Ind MT40A512M16LY-062E IT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16LY-062E:E Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) Ind MT40A512M16TB-062E IT:J Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16TB-062E:J Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16TB-062E:R Micron
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) NT5AD512M16C4-JR Nanya
DDR4-3200 4Gx8 (32Gb) DDP H5ANBG8NABR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 4Gx8 (32Gb) MT40A4G8BAF-062E:B Micron
DDR4-3200 4Gx4 (16Gb) H5ANAG4NAJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 4Gx4 (16Gb) K4AAG045WA-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 4Gx4 (16Gb) MT40A4G4DVN-062H:E Micron
DDR4-3200 4Gx4 (16Gb) MT40A4G4JC-062E:E Micron
DDR4-3200 4Gx4 (16Gb) MT40A4G4NEA-062E:J Micron
DDR4-3200 4Gx4 (16Gb) MT40A4G4VA-062E:B Micron
DDR4-3200 4Gx4 (16Gb) MT40A4G4SA-062E:F Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5ANAG8NAJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5ANAG8NCJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5ANAG8NCMR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5ANAG8NDJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) K4AAG085WA-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) K4AAG085WB-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) Ind MT40A2G8JC-062E IT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT40A2G8JC-062E:E Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT40A2G8NEA-062E:J Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) Ind MT40A2G8VA-062E IT:B Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT40A2G8VA-062E:B Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT40A2G8JE-062E:E Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) K4AAG085WA-BIWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT40A2G8SA-062E:F Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5ANAG8NCJR-XNI SK hynix
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) MT40A2G8JE-062E AAT:E Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) K4AAG085WM-BCWE0MM Samsung
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) K4AAG085WA-XCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) K4AAG085WB-BCWE0MM Samsung
DDR4-3200 2Gx4 (8Gb) QIG NT5AD2048M4C3-JRT Nanya
DDR4-3200 2Gx4 (8Gb) K4A8G045WD-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 2Gx4 (8Gb) MT40A2G4SA-062E:E Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx4 (8Gb) MT40A2G4SA-062E:J Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx4 (8Gb) MT40A2G4SA-062E:R Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx4 (8Gb) NT5AD2048M4C3-JR Nanya
DDR4-3200 2Gx4 (8Gb) H5AN8G4NDJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 2Gx16 (32Gb) K4ABG165WA-MCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 2Gx16 (32Gb) MT40A2G16SKL-062E:B Micron
DDR4-3200 2Gx16 (32Gb) H5ANBG6NAMR-XNC SK Hynix
DDR4-3200 256Mx8 (2Gb) NT5AD256M16E4-JRU Nanya
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) QIG NT5AD256M16E4-JRT Nanya
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) Ind MT40A256M16LY-062E IT:F Micron
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WE-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WE-BIWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WF-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) Ind MT40A256M16GE-062E IT:B Micron
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) MT40A256M16GE-062E:B Micron
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) MT40A256M16LY-062E AAT:F Micron
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) MT40A256M16LY-062E AIT:F Micron
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) MT40A256M16LY-062E AUT:F Micron
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) MT40A256M16LY-062E:F Micron
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) NT5AD256M16E4-JR Nanya
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) H5AN4G6NBJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WF-BIWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 256Mx16 (4Gb) MT40A256M16TB-062E:G Micron
DDR4-3200 1Gx8 (8Gb) Ind MT40A1G8SA-062E IT:E Micron
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