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AMD EPYC Processor Tray
EPYC 7543 (32C 64T 2.8/3.7GHz) 100-000000345 AMD Tray
EPYC 7713 (64C 128T 2.0/3.675GHz) 100-000000344 AMD Tray
EPYC 7543P (32C 64T 2.8/3.7GHz) 100-000000341 AMD Tray
EPYC 7443 (24C 48T 2.85/4.0GHz) 100-000000340 AMD Tray
EPYC 7313P (16C 32T 3.0/3.7GHz) 100-000000339 AMD Tray
EPYC 7343 (16C 32T 3.2/3.9GHz) 100-000000338 AMD Tray
EPYC 7713P (64C 128T 2.0/3.675GHz) 100-000000337 AMD Tray
EPYC 7513 (32C 64T 2.6/3.65GHz) 100-000000334 AMD Tray
EPYC 7313 (16C 32T 3.0/3.7GHz) 100-000000329 AMD Tray
EPYC 72F3 (8C 16T 3.7/4.1GHz) 100-000000327 AMD Tray
EPYC 7643 (48C 96T 2.3/3.6GHz) 100-000000326 AMD Tray
EPYC 7413 (24C 48T 2.65/3.6GHz) 100-000000323 AMD Tray
EPYC 73F3 (16C 32T 3.5/4.0GHz) 100-000000321 AMD Tray
EPYC 7453 (28C 56T 2.75/3.45GHz) 100-000000319 AMD Tray
EPYC 7663 (56C 112T 2.0/3.5GHz) 100-000000318 AMD Tray
EPYC 74F3 (24C 48T 3.2/4.0GHz) 100-000000317 AMD Tray
EPYC 75F3 (32C 64T 2.95/4.0GHz) 100-000000313 AMD Tray
EPYC 7763 (64C 128T 2.45/3.5GHz) 100-000000312 AMD Tray
EPYC 7F72 (24C 48T 3.2/3.7GHz) 100-000000141 AMD Tray
EPYC 7F52 (16C 32T 3.5/3.9GHz) 100-000000140 AMD Tray
EPYC 7F32 (8C 16T 3.7/3.9GHz) 100-000000139 AMD Tray
EPYC 7662 (64C 128T 2.0/3.3GHz) 100-000000137 AMD Tray
EPYC 7532 (32C 64T 2.4/3.3GHz) 100-000000136 AMD Tray
EPYC 7232P (8C 16T 3.1/3.2GHz) 100-000000081 AMD Tray
EPYC 7252 (8C 16T 3.1/3.2GHz) 100-000000080 AMD Tray
EPYC 7272 (12C 24T 2.9/3.2GHz) 100-000000079 AMD Tray
EPYC 7282 (16C 32T 2.8/3.2GHz) 100-000000078 AMD Tray
EPYC 7352 (24C 48T 2.3/3.2GHz) 100-000000077 AMD Tray
EPYC 7552 (48C 96T 2.2/3.3GHz) 100-000000076 AMD Tray
EPYC 7542 (32C 64T 2.9/3.4GHz) 100-000000075 AMD Tray
EPYC 7642 (48C 96T 2.3/3.3GHz) 100-000000074 AMD Tray
EPYC 7452 (32C 64T 2.35/3.35GHz) 100-000000057 AMD Tray
EPYC 7H12 (64C 128T 2.6/3.3GHz) 100-000000055 AMD Tray
EPYC 7502 (32C 64T 2.5/3.35GHz) 100-000000054 AMD Tray
EPYC 7742 (64C 128T 2.25/3.4GHz) 100-000000053 AMD Tray
EPYC 7302P (16C 32T 3.0/3.3GHz) 100-000000049 AMD Tray
EPYC 7402P (24C 48T 2.8/3.35GHz) 100-000000048 AMD Tray
EPYC 7702P (64C 128T 2.0/3.35GHz) 100-000000047 AMD Tray
EPYC 7402 (24C 48T 2.8/3.35GHz) 100-000000046 AMD Tray
EPYC 7502P (32C 64T 2.5/3.35GHz) 100-000000045 AMD Tray
EPYC 7302 (16C 32T 3.0/3.3GHz) 100-000000043 AMD Tray
EPYC 7262 (8C 16T 3.2/3.4GHz) 100-000000041 AMD Tray
EPYC 7702 (64C 128T 2.0/3.35GHz) 100-000000038 AMD Tray
EPYC 7261 (8C 16T 2.5/2.9GHz) PS7261BEV8RAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7281 (16C 32T 2.1/2.7GHz) PS7281BEVGAAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7301 (16C 32T 2.2/2.7GHz) PS7301BEVGPAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7351P (16C 32T 2.4/2.9GHz) PS735PBEVGPAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7351 (16C 32T 2.4/2.9GHz) PS7351BEVGPAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7371 (16C 32T 3.1/3.8GHz) PS7371BDVGPAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7401 (24C 48T 2.0/3.0GHz) PS7401BEVHCAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7401P (24C 48T 2.0/3.0GHz) PS740PBEVHCAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7451 (24C 48T 2.3/3.2GHz) PS7451BDVHCAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7501 (32C 64T 2.0/3.0GHz) PS7501BEVIHAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7551 (32C 64T 2.0/3.0GHz) PS7551BDVIHAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7551P (32C 64T 2.0/3.0GHz) PS755PBDVIHAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7601 (32C 64T 2.2/3.2GHz) PS7601BDVIHAF AMD Tray
EPYC 7443P (24C 48T 2.85/4.0GHz) 100-000000342 AMD Tray
EPYC 7251 (8C 16T 2.1/2.9GHz) PS7251BFV8SAF AMD Tray
AMD EPYC Processor Box
EPYC 7543 (28C 56T 2.75/3.45GHz) 100-100000345WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7443P (24C 48T 2.85/4GHz) 100-100000342WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7543P (32C 64T 2.8/3.7GHz) 100-100000341WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7443 (24C 48T 2.85/4.0GHz) 100-100000340WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7313P (16C 32T 3.0/3.7GHz) 100-100000339WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7313 (16C 32T 3.0/3.7GHz) 100-100000329WOF AMD Box
EPYC 72F3 (8C 16T 3.7/4.1GHz) 100-100000327WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7643 (48C 96T 2.3/3.6GHz) 100-100000326WOF AMD Box
EPYC 73F3 (16C 32T 3.5/4.0GHz) 100-100000321WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7453 (28C 56T 2.75/3.45GHz) 100-100000319WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7663 (56C 112T 2.0/3.5GHz) 100-100000318WOF AMD Box
EPYC 74F3 (24C 48T 3.2/4.0GHz) 100-100000317WOF AMD Box
EPYC 75F3 (32C 64T 2.95/4.0GHz) 100-100000313WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7F72 (24C 48T 3.2/3.7GHz) 100-100000141WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7F32 (8C 16T 3.7/3.9GHz) 100-100000139WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7232P (8C 16T 3.1/3.2GHz) 100-100000081WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7282 (16C 32T 2.8/3.2GHz) 100-100000078WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7552 (48C 96T 2.2/3.3GHz) 100-100000076WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7402P (24C 48T 2.8/3.35GHz) 100-100000048WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7502P (32C 64T 2.5/3.35GHz) 100-100000045WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7302 (16C 32T 3.0/3.3GHz) 100-100000043WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7262 (8C 16T 3.2/3.4GHz) 100-100000041WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7281 (16C 32T 2.1/2.7GHz) PS7281BEAFWOF AMD Box
EPYC 7301 (16C 32T 2.2/2.7GHz) PS7301BEAFWOF AMD Box
EPYC 7351 (16C 32T 2.4/2.9GHz) PS7351BEAFWOF AMD Box
EPYC 7401P (24C 48T 2.0/3.0GHz) PS740PBEAFWOF AMD Box
EPYC 7551P (32C 64T 2.0/3.0GHz) PS755PBDAFWOF AMD Box
EPYC 7251 (8C 16T 2.1/2.9GHz) PS7251BFAFWOF AMD Box
EPYC 7413 (24C 48T 2.65/3.6GHz) 100-100000323WOF AMD Box
EPYC 7551 (32C 64T 2.0/3.0GHz) PS7551BDAFWOF AMD Box
EPYC 7601 (32C 64T 2.2/3.2GHz) PS7601BDAFWOF AMD Box
EPYC 7261 (8C 16T 2.5/2.9GHz) PS7261BEAFWOF AMD Box
AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processors
Ryzen Threadripper 5970X (32C 64T 3.8/4.7GHz) 5970X AMD Tray
Ryzen Threadripper 3990X (64C 128T 2.9/4.3GHz) 100-100000163WOF AMD Box
Ryzen Threadripper 3990X (64C 128T 2.9/4.3GHz) CN 100-100000163WOZ AMD Box
Ryzen Threadripper 3990X (64C 128T 2.9/4.3GHz) 100-000000163 AMD Tray
Ryzen Threadripper 3970X (32C 64T 3.7/4.5GHz) 100-100000011WOF AMD Box
Ryzen Threadripper 3970X (32C 64T 3.7/4.5GHz) CN 100-100000011WOZ AMD Box
Ryzen Threadripper 3970X (32C 64T 3.7/4.5GHz) 100-000000011 AMD Tray
Ryzen Threadripper 3960X (24C 48T 3.8/4.5GHz) 100-100000010WOF AMD Box
Ryzen Threadripper 3960X (24C 48T 3.8/4.5GHz) 100-000000010 AMD Tray
Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX (64C 128T 2.7/4.2GHz) 100-100000087WOF AMD Box
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