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DDR Micro DIMM 172 Pins
DDR PC333 64Mx64 Micro-DIMM 253898\512MB\32Mx8\16C\CSP OEM Bravo
DDR PC333 64Mx64 Micro-DIMM 251714\512MB\32Mx8\16 OEM
DDR2 PC400 64Mx64 Micro-DIMM FBGA HYS64T64020HM-5-A Infineon Orig [32MX16 8C]
DDR PC333 64Mx64 Micro-DIMM 250972\512MB\32Mx8\16C\sTSOP OEM Wearnes
DDR PC333 64Mx64 Micro-DIMM MTAC22D-38KX Kingmax [32Mx8 16C]
DDR PC333 64Mx64 Micro-DIMM TS64MMD64V3J Transcend Retail
DDR PC333 32Mx64 Micro-DIMM 253897\256MB\32Mx8\8C OEM Bravo
DDR PC333 32Mx64 Micro-DIMM 251713\256MB\32Mx8\8C OEM (TMTC)
DDR PC333 32Mx64 Micro-DIMM 250973\256MB\32Mx8\8C\sTSOP OEM Wearnes
DDR PC333 32Mx64 Micro-DIMM 269110\256MB\32Mx8\8C\sTSOP OEM
DDR PC333 32Mx64 Micro-DIMM MTAB62D-38KX Kingmax [32Mx8 8C]
DDR PC333 16Mx64 Micro-DIMM 251660\128MB\16Mx8\8C\sTSOP OEM Wearnes
DDR PC266 64Mx64 Micro-DIMM MTDC22D-38KX Kingmax [32Mx8 16C]
DDR PC266 32Mx64 Micro-DIMM MTDB62D-38KX Kingmax [32Mx8 8C]
EDO Module 16Mx64 MT16LD1664AG-6X Micron
DDR2 PC533 64Mx64 Micro-DIMM FBGA HYS64T64020HM-3.7-A Infineon Orig [32MX16 8C]
PC133 32Mx72 ECC Reg MT18LSDT3272G-133G3 Micron Orig [32Mx4 18C]
DDR3 32GB VLP REG DIMM 1.35 1333 4Rx4 Comp.IBM00D5008 IBM
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