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PC133 Module 168 pins
PC133 128Mx64-75 542536\1GB\128Mx4\16C Elpida
PC133 64Mx64-75 BGA 252429\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM MT
PC133 64Mx64-H HYM72V64636AT8-H Hynix Original
PC133 64Mx64-75 25360\512MB\32Mx8\16C\G4 Elpida (NEC)
PC133 64Mx64 228463\512MB\32Mx8\16C Elpida
PC133 64Mx64-7A 226475\512MB\32Mx8\16C\w/metal\cover Elpida (NEC)
PC133 64Mx64-75 250158\512MB\32Mx8\16C Vanguard
PC133 64Mx64-75 21994\512MB\32Mx8\16C Elpida
PC133 64Mx64-75 222104\512MB\64Mx4\16C Elpida
PC133 64Mx64-75 CL2 EBS52UC8APFA-75 Elpida Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 CL2 EBS51RC4ACFA-75 Elpida Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-H HYM72V64636BT8-H Hynix Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-H HYM72V64636BT8-H-A Hynix Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-H HYM72V64636T8-H Hynix Original [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-H HYM72V64636CT8-H Hynix Orig [32Mx8 16c]
PC133 64Mx64 7822\512MB\32Mx8\16C Hynix on 3rd
PC133 64Mx64-H 2021\512MB\32Mx8\16C Hynix on 3rd
PC133 64Mx64 642926\512MB\32Mx8\16C Promos
PC133 64Mx64 645369\512MB\32Mx8\16C Micron
PC133 32Mx64 642927\256MB\32Mx8\8C Promos
PC133 64Mx64-H 249381\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM AMPO
PC133 64Mx64 264318\512MB\32Mx8\16C Blank
PC133 64Mx64-H 8384\512MB\32Mx8\16C\G4 Hynix
PC133 64Mx64-75 HYS64V64220GU-7 Infineon Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-7 HYS64V64220GU-7-D Infineon Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 KVR133X64C3/512 Kingston
PC133 64Mx64-75 HYS64V64220GU-7.5 Infineon Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 HYS64V64220GU-7.5-D Infineon Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 237035\512MB\64Mx4\16C Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-75 2013\512MB\32Mx8\16C Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-7 269305\512MB\64Mx8\8C\BGA Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-7 236993\512MB\32Mx8\16C Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-7 CL3 251245\512MB\32Mx8\16C Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-7 226458\512MB\32Mx8\16C\G4 Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-7 CL2 246054\512MB\32Mx8\16C\G4 Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-75 9762\512MB\32MX8\16C\(6\Layer) Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-75 CL3 8725\512MB\32Mx8\16C\G4 Infineon / Qimonda
PC133 64Mx64-7A MT16LSDT6464AG-133B2 Micron Original
PC133 64Mx64-75 8381\512MB\32Mx8\16C\(G4) Micron
PC133 64Mx64-75 2019\512MB\32Mx8\16C Micron
PC133 64Mx64-75 256576\512MB\32Mx8\16C\BGA Micron
PC133 64Mx64 243592\512MB\64Mx8\8C Micron
PC133 64Mx64-75 8394\512MB\32Mx8\16C\G4 Micron
PC133 64Mx64-7A MT16LSDT6464AG-133C2 Micron Original [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-7A MT16LSDT6464AG-133D2 Micron Original [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75A P64M6416YAC-75A Spectek Original [32Mx8 8C]
PC133 64Mx64 MT16LSDT6464AG-13ED2 Micron Original
PC133 64Mx64 MT16LSDT6464AG-13ED1 Micron Original
PC133 64Mx64-7K CL2 9584\512MB\32Mx8\16C Nanya
PC133 64Mx64 MT16LSDT6464AY-13ED2 Micron Original
PC133 64Mx64-75 257971\512MB\32Mx8\16C Nanya
PC133 64Mx64-6L 13786\512MB\32Mx8\16C Mitsubishi G4
PC133 64Mx64-H 244531\512MB\64Mx4\16C Hynix
PC133 64Mx64-75 251564\512MB\64Mx4\16C Samsung
PC133 64Mx64-75 253548\512MB\64Mx8\8C Samsung
PC133 64Mx64-75 12890\512MB\32Mx8\16C Mosel Vitelic
PC133 64Mx64 [SOC package] 237326\512MB\32Mx8\16C Mosel
PC133 64Mx64-7C CL2 13126\512MB\32Mx8\16C\G4 Samsung
PC133 64Mx64-75 107738\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM AUM
PC133 64Mx64-75 544234\512MB\32Mx8\16C\Elpida\Die OEM GP
PC133 64Mx64 542580\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM CEON
PC133 64Mx64 644294\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM Mira ETT
PC133 64Mx64 658066\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM
PC133 64Mx64-75 259767\512MB\32Mx16\8C OEM AUM
PC133 64Mx64-75 264270\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM Starex
PC133 64MX64 79407\512MB\64MX4\16C Hitachi
PC133 64Mx64-7C CL2 22296\512MB\32Mx8\16C Samsung
PC133 64Mx64-75 223732\512MB\32Mx8\16C Samsung / 3rd
PC133 64Mx64-75 7827\512MB\32Mx8\16C\G4 Samsung
PC133 64Mx64-75 18524\512MB\32Mx8\16C\(6\Layer) Samsung
PC133 64Mx64-75 2017\512MB\32Mx8\16C Samsung on 3rd
PC133 64Mx64-75 40044\512MB\32Mx8\base Samsung
PC133 64Mx64-75 651623\512MB\32Mx8\16C Hynix on 3rd
PC133 64Mx64-75 IM5116SDBBTG-75I Intelligent Memory
4Gbit DDR3 SDRAM 1.35 VOLT PC1600 IM4G16D3FABG-125I Intelligent Memory
PC133 64Mx64-75 18522\512MB\32Mx8\16C Samsung
PC133 64Mx64-7A M366S6453DTS-C7A Samsung Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-7A M366S6453ETS-C7A Samsung Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-7A M366S6453ETS-C7A* Samsung Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-C7C M366S6453DTS-C7C Samsung Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-C7A M366S6453CTS-C7A Samsung Orig [32MX8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-C7C M366S6453CTS-C7C Samsung Orig [32MX8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-7A 7778\M366S6453CTS-C7A Samsung Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 M366S6453AT0-C75 Samsung Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 22348\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM ACE
PC133 64Mx64-75 249011\512MB\64Mx4\16C OEM ACE
PC133 64Mx64-75 641451\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM
PC133 64Mx64-75 264756\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM CTI
PC133 64Mx64-75 7691\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM NCP
PC133 64Mx64-75 HYS64V64220GU-7.5-C2 Infineon Orig [32Mx8 16C]
PC133 64Mx64-75 641010\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM AUM
PC133 64Mx64-75 643441\512MB\64Mx8\8C OEM TA
PC133 64Mx64-75 65126\512MB\64Mx4\16C OEM PQI
PC133 64Mx64-75 2015\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM NCP
PC133 64Mx64-75 241318\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM HTL
PC133 64Mx64-75 10168\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM Mira Die
PC133 64Mx64-75 105755\512MB\64Mx4\16C OEM
PC133 64Mx64-75 644273\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM Novax
PC133 64Mx64-75 264957\512MB\64Mx4\16C OEM CMS
PC133 64Mx64-75 594016\512MB\32Mx8\16C OEM CMS
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