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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
IBM Harddisk
83.4GB 10000rpm IC35L073F2D210 IBM
146GB 15000 rpm 3.5" SAS Hot-swap HDD 40K1044 IBM
500GB 7200rpm SAS 2.5" 49Y1851 IBM
900GB 2.5" HDD SAS 10K 6Gb/s 81Y9650 IBM
300GB 2.5" HDD SAS 15000RPM 6Gb/s 00AJ082 IBM
500GB 5400rpm SATA 2.5" Hard Drive 45N7233 IBM
60GB 7200rpm ATA100 IC35L060AVER07 IBM Deskstar
60GB 7200rpm ATA100 IC35L060AVVA07 IBM Deskstar
40GB 7200rpm ATA100 IC35L040AVER07 IBM Deskstar
40GB 7200rpm ATA100 87531\40GB IBM Deskstar
40GB 7200rpm ATA100 IC35L040AVVN07 IBM Deskstar
20GB 7200rpm ATA100 IC35L020AVER07 IBM Deskstar
80GB 5400rpm IC25N080ATMR04-0 IBM
80GB 7200rpm SATA 3.5" HDD 40Y9034 IBM
40GB 4200rpm ATA100 NB HDD IC25N040ATCS04 IBM Travelstar
30GB 4200rpm ATA100 IC25N030ATCS04 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
20GB 4200rpm ATA100 IC25N020ATDA04 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
20GB 4200rpm ATA100 NB HDD 12736\IC25N020ATCS04 IBM Travelstar
20 GB 4200rpm ATA66 DJSA-220 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
10.0GB 9.5MM DJSA210 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
1GB 3600rpm 128K Cache DSCM-11000Kit IBM
20GB Ultra ATA100 Notebook HDD IC25N020ATCS04 Hitachi
10GB 4200rpm ATA100 IC25N010ATDA04 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
6GB 4200rpm DARA-206000 IBM
20GB 4200rpm 07N8325 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
30GB 2.5" 4200rpm 07N8326 IBM
60GB 7200rpm 07N9212 Hitachi
60GB 2.5" IDE IC25N060 IBM
80GB 7200rpm ATA100 87533\80GB IBM
9GB 10000 rpm 80pins DDYS-T09170 IBM
180GB 7200RPM 07N9216 IBM
60GB 7200rpm ATA100 IC35L060AVV207-0 IBM Deskstar
180GB 7200rpm 8M ATA/100 IC35L180AVV207 IBM Deskstar
36GB 10000rpm IC35L036UWDY10-1 IBM Ultrastar
40GB 5400rpm ATA100 IC25N040ATCS05 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
60G 7200rpm ATA100 HTS726060M9AT00 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
20G 4200rpm ATA100 242808\DK23EB-20 IBM Travelstar NB HDD
10.5GB 2.5" IDE IC25N010ATCS04 IBM
3.5" 1TB 7200 Dual Port SATA HS 43W7630 IBM
750G 7.2K SATA 43W7576 IBM
IBM Server Harddisk 44W2244 IBM
300GB 10000 rpm 2.5" 46U1988 / 67Y0002 IBM
300GB 15K 3.5 SAS-2 HP HDD 49Y1856 IBM
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