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Universal Flash Storage
128GB UFS 2.1 H28U88301AMR SK Hynix
64GB UFS 2.1 H28U74301AMR SK Hynix
256GB UFS 2.1 H28S9O302BMR SK Hynix
64GB UFS 2.1 H28S7Q302BMR SK Hynix
64GB UFS H28U74303AMR SK Hynix
32GB UFS 2.1 H28U62301AMR SK Hynix
256GB UFS 2.0 KLUEG8U1EM-B0B1 Samsung
128GB UFS 2.0 KLUDG8J1CB-B0B1 Samsung
256GB UFS 2.1 KLUEG8U1EM-B0C1 Samsung
128GB UFS 2.0 KLUDG8J1BB-B0B1 Samsung
128GB UFS 2.0 KLUDG8J1CB-C0B1 Samsung
128GB UFS 2.1 KLUDG8V1EE-B0C1002 Samsung
128GB UFS 2.0 THGBF7T0L8LBATA Toshiba
64GB UFS 2.0 KLUCG4J1CB-B0B1 Samsung
128GB UFS 2.0 15nm THGAF4T0N8LBAIR Toshiba
128GB UFS 2.1 KLUDG4U1EA-B0C1 Samsung
64GB UFS 2.1 THGAF8G9T43BAIR Toshiba
64GB UFS 2.1 KLUCG2K1EA-B0C1 Samsung
64GB UFS 2.0 KLUCG4J1BB-B0B1 Samsung
64GB UFS 2.0 KLUCG4J1ED-B0C1 Samsung
64GB UFS 2.0 H28U78222MMR SK Hynix
128GB UFS 2.1 THGAF8T0T43BAIR Toshiba
32GB UFS 2.0 KLUBG4G1CE-B0B1 Samsung
32GB UFS 2.0 H28U64222MMR SK Hynix
32GB UFS 2.0 THGBF7G8K4LBATR Toshiba
32GB UFS 2.0 THGLF2G8J4LBATR Toshiba
32GB UFS 2.0 THGLF2G8C4KBADR Toshiba
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