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NOR Flash
256M Paralell NOR Flash M29W256GH70N6E Micron
256Mbit Serial NOR Flash 3V, Multiple I/O MT25QL256ABA8E12-1SIT Micron
256Mbit Serial NOR Flash 3V, Multiple I/O MT25QL256ABA8E12-1SAT Micron
256Mbit Serial NOR Flash 3.0V MT25QL256ABA1EW9-0SIT Micron
256Mbit Flash Memory PC28F256P33BFE Micron
256Mb Paralell NOR Flash M29W256GH70ZS6E Micron
256MB Serial NOR N25Q256A13ESF40G Micron
256Mb Parallel NOR Flash MT28GU256AAA2EGC-0SIT Micron
256Mb Serial NOR Flash MT25QU256ABA8E12-1SIT Micron
256Mb SPI NOR Flash MT25QU256ABA8E14-1SIT Micron
256Mb NOR Flash Memory MT25QU256ABA8ESF-MSIT Micron
256Mb Serial NOR Flash MT25QU256ABA8ESF-0SIT Micron
256Mbit Serial NOR Flash N25Q256A13EF840E Micron
256MB Serial Flash Memory N25Q256A13ESFA0F Micron
256Mbit Serial NOR Flash N25Q256A13EF840F Micron
128M Serial NOR Flash MT25QU128ABA8E12-0SIT Micron
128Mb Serial NOR Flash MT25QU128ABA8ESF-0SIT Micron
64Mbit Flash Memory N25Q064A13E1240F Micron
64Mbit Flash Memory N25Q064A13ESED0F Micron
64Mbit Flash Memory N25Q064A13E1240E Micron
8Mb NOR Flash Memory M25PE80-VMW6G Micron
1Mb Serial Nor Flash M45PE10S-VMN6P Micron
256Mb Flash Memory M29DW256G70NF6E Micron
256K Serial EEPROM AT24C256C-SSHL-T Atmel
Seagate Harddisk
8TB HDD 3.5" 7200rpm SAS 12Gb/s Enterprise ST8000NM0075 Seagate
8TB HDD 3.5" 7200rpm SATA 6Gb/s Enterprise ST8000NM0055 Seagate
4TB 3.5" V.5 HDD 7200rpm SATA 12Gb/s 128MB Cache ST4000NM0035 Seagate
10TB 3.5" HDD 7200rpm Helium ES SATA 6Gb/s ST10000NM0096 Seagate
OR-GATE 74HC32D Philips
Transmitter SII9022ACNU Silicon Image / Lattice
Processor SII9187BCNU Silicon Image / Lattice
Receiver SII9293CNUC Silicon Image / Lattice
ST Microelectronics
ST Microelectronics M29W400DT55N6E ST Microelectronics
Nor Flash 4Mx1 M45PE40-VMN6TP Micron
256M NOR Flash 3.0V M29W256GL70N6E Micron
32Mb Nor Flash Memory M29W320DB7AN6E Micron
4M bit Serial NOR Flash Memory M25P40-VMN6TPBA Micron
4Mb NOR Flash Memory M25P40-VMN6YPB Micron
Texas Instruments
Voltage Regulator TPS55386PWPRG4 Texas Instruments
HTC LM2950TA-5.0 HTC
HTC LM2950TA-3.3 HTC
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